G.I. Joe and Cobra Sub-teams


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    G.I. Joe and Cobra Sub-teams

    There is a few things you missed.

    Sonic Fighters?
    Air Commandos?

    All the sub sets from south america. The eco force, sky patrol, and tiger force. There is also the sub set that comes with animals. The mexican star brigade.

    And I would think Dreadnoks fall under other and not Cobra.

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    Yea but still happy to see this done!!
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    The Non-US release subsets are marked in the international section and I think they should remain there. That's why there's an international section, to keep them separate from the main line.

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    Yeah but if you go in to the tiger force section or the python patrol sections the both have the foreign figures in there. Mine as well put it all in there.

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    Indeed they are. Well, they'll get to it when they get to it. I think attention to getting all the US products and comic appearances in place is more important though.

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    Nice to see this at long last, but Night Force is lacking the 2004 regular 2 pack.

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    Great Addition

    Quick easy resource to locating these figures.


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