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    Quote Originally Posted by Neo*Viper
    Some of you with funds need to start your own grading company. About 5 or 6 years ago I collected a lot of sports cards and pretty much bought graded stuff. At the same time I was collecting Joes I thought someone should grade these figures because someones mint and my mint are two different views. Anyways there's more than one sports card grader out there so someone start another toy grading company.
    i wasnt kidding earlier, ill garde peoples items for only 2 dollars a pop (you pay shipping both ways)...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taichiro
    when it comes down to it, you're paying for someone else's opinion......

    which, if you think about it, is a pretty dumb thing to do......

    so based on this quote from you to pay someone for an opinion is a dumb thing to do. What about doctors? You pay them for an opinion, how about lawyers? how about financial advisors, how about mechanics. There are many people you pay for someone else's opinion. Your argument keeps getting weaker by the post.
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