Bootleg figures auction

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    Bootleg figures auction

    I was outbid on this auction but I thought I would post a link so people could see these figures. I noticed most of my posts with bootleg pics get a lot of views so I know I am not the only person who collects them. Check it out!

    Dan Moore
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    i collect lots of bootlegs! transformer bootlegs rule!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmooretoys
    I was outbid on this auction...
    Don't worry, Dan. These particular bootlegs have been popping-up with more frequency lately. So, I'm sure you'll have another chance to get some of these relatively soon.

    I "think" this style bootleg is a few years old...? I'm not certain, but I seem to recall seeing these on Ebay a few years ago when I started collecting as an adult.

    I can really appreciate bootlegs. I don't actively collect them, but it's cool to see imitation items based on a toyline that has spread throughout the world.

    Now...Power Commandos...those are sweet "similar-to" Gijoe figs!

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    Smile Someone mention Power Commandos?

    Did i see the Famous words here? Power Commandos?!?!?

    They are "G.I.Joe-Like" figures. Same poseabilty and all.

    They have 6 of them listed on but those 6 are not all their was. The 6 on are from the UK and were made later. The ones i have are 12 figures in the set. and they were here in the USA in 1987. So doesn't show the 12 USA Power Commandos. And i think they should?

    I have all 12 of them from the USA Power Commandos. So if would like to use my Power Commandos to show on It would be nice.

    USA Power Commandos 1987

    these are hard to come by these days. Of course most people would not of heard of them. And most people if they were to find any of them, would not know right off what they may of found? So for to add these 12 Power Commandos to the archives so people can see them and also know who they are? That would be great to see.

    How about it

    From the Collection of: Captain-DC
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