Trying to figure out Chap Mei...Shared intel thread

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    Trying to figure out Chap Mei...Shared intel thread

    I have been looking for a lot of different CM items for customs, but I always have a hard time finding them. Some items have been picked up by TRU, like the cargo copter and the military figure 6 pack, and the Dollar Tree has single carded figures, but there are a ton of other items I have never seen, mostly the larger ones. The only store i find them at is Big Lots, and they are not well stocked during the year, not until Christmas again. There seems to be pretty simple price point levels, and Big Lots jost doesn't carry the highest price point, which i am assuming is $19.99, for items like the A-10, the new boat, the Mammoth with Tractor, and others i am sure (they seem to follow the same MO for all their lines).

    So, I am wondering where everyone else finds chap Mei stuff, other stores, online, what you have seen, etc. Has anyone found the A-10 in the US? Are there any stores that stock them in a more complete line during the year? Web Sites? Any help and shared intel would be great. i am mostly looking for american or internet-with-american-shipping type info, I don't plan on flying to Ireland or malaysia to find an A-10.
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    there's a site online that does preorders, but i cna't figure them out very well either=
    the last deadline for preorders was nov 26, and there is no news about what to do after that.
    here's a link=
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    Thorn, none of that stuff is Chap Mei stuff.

    I have found CM stuff at Big Lots, Rite Aid Drugs, Bartell Drugs and that is about it. Big Lots and Rite Aid had new product this past fall.

    I used to be able to find it sometimes at KB, TRU and Target but I haven't seen anything new at those stores in a long time.

    I never found large items like the Main Battle Tank with mine plow - I had to get this on eBay or a board member - I can't remember. Some people found the desert paint scheme at KB Toy Outlet stores. There was a green paint scheme I haven't been able to track down.

    Now as far as the other big items like the A-10 from the military line, Big T-Rexes from the Beast Raider and Dino lines, the mamoth from the snow line, etc, etc - I am not for sure if they ever made it to the US.

    Once a guy from Ireland offered to pick some A-10's up here on the board but I never heard back from him.

    I also keep hearing that Chap Mei doesn't like working with online dealers at all. That is too bad because a store like smalljoes could probably sell the stuff really well.
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    I have access to a ton of A10s, they are in a couple stores here. Aswell as all the bigger playsets. If anyone wants them just lmk.

    I can ship them out at exact cost, all you have to do is return the favor with some stuff I can't find...

    Even for you Dock
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    Smile Chap Mei Vehicles?

    Anyone on-line selling Chap Mei Vehicles? Any web sights to buy them?

    Yes and No! Far as any stores on-line having them? the answer is No. But web sights? Yes.

    I have a Web Sight and yes i sell Chap Mei Vehicles. I only collect the figures. So i do'nt collect the vehicles. So i have many Vehicles. And their all on my web sight. All of them are New as they came. Never been played with. Mint... Fresh! I just don't collect Vehicles. From anyline. So i have many Vehicles lines for sale.

    And all on my web sight.

    Link is below in Signature... Thanks!

    And yes i'm here in the USA.... Yo Joe!


    Just ask and i may have what you are looking for? If it's on my web page? I have it. Or i may yet get them? Ya Never know.

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    oh geez i thought you guys said it was. ok what the heck.
    im still baffled as to the ordering procedures over there.
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    I went to a big store and took some pics. They have more stuff but I didn't shoot the smaller sets. Only the A10 Thunderbolt is sold out...

    Prices are in Euro (x1.3 to convert to USD)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BelgianGabber

    Even for you Dock

    The world must be ending if you are willing to help even me

    I WANT AN A-10.

    I just wish I could find one here.

    Most of that stuff in those pics BG can be found here. The tank is the hardest piece to find. It took me awhile.
    My eBay store with an over 12,000 feedback rating
    WANTED carded 1982-88 Joes for my collection

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    that tank looks awfullly familiar. i think i saw it at either a walmart or a target up here.

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    I'm pretty sure the A10 is around somewhere here. Saw them everywhere.

    It seems to be pretty popular and who can blame kids. I was a die-hard joe fan when I was 9-14, but if you can get a complete playset with a lot of accessories and in the kid's eyes at least as good as gi joe...


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