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    Arrow Need some input!

    Ok I am not sure if I should post this here or in the custom section.
    But here goes....
    I want to make a FUNSKOOL Flash custom using the original figure.
    Really it would just be a repaint and maybe a head swap.
    What colors should I use?
    Funskool has some crazy colors.
    Like there orange Wild Bill, Purple/Orange Tripwire and neon green Lifeline just for examples.

    SO what I need is some imput on what colors to use.Yellow and red, blue and orange???????

    If anyone has an ideas...

    Let me know!
    Carded Canadian and Brazilian Flash

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    maybe just reverse the color scheme? :P all orange with green pads... ugh..

    or hot pink and black just like my flip top converse shoes used to be :P


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