JvC Night Vulture (A WIP NO MORE!)


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    JvC Night Vulture (A WIP NO MORE!)

    Here are finished pics of the JvC Night Vulture (original pic) that I started just a week ago. I don't know why it went together so quickly, but it just did. There are only a few mods to the parts:

    removed knee pads, and filled knee joint
    swapped upper arms out
    seperated and sanded both parts of elbow joint
    modified the Chap Mei head w/ a neck-ball
    trimmed the tops of the knees to prevent paint-rubs
    sanded off the dog-tags

    A relitavely simple custom, this piece was inspired by JFAK075's original piece over at Joecustoms. It was painted using a basecoat of Tamiya TS-24 Purple Spray, Testor's Model Masters Flat Black, Testor's Rocket Red and Flat Light Gull Grey. I wanted to duplicate the basic look of the original, while updating the style of padding and armor.

    parts list:

    head-Chap Mei Police Force
    upper arms-Recondo
    lower arms-Stalker
    thighs-Coils Crusher
    crossbow-Scarlett (removed sound tab)

    I hope you guys like the finished product, and the detailed description that I've included.



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    Sweet! Hey John if you are going to be homne tomorrow night I'll swing by. I am going to kinda be over in that area.

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    Nah, I am going to be at work all day. I am free Saturday, if you want. Just drop me a note.

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    don't kill me but e-mail me your t-# again (G) sorry my kids get into everything. But my wife works out that way on the weekend so I can have her drop me off on the way in to work.


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