The Evil Attic Took It's Toll..

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    The Evil Attic Took It's Toll..

    I pulled out all my 80s G.I. Joe stuff from my attic the other
    day. Everything's in pretty good shape. Except for one thing-
    The "rubber band" that holds the figures together rotted away
    on 99.9% of my collection. What can I use to repair them?
    Any help would be appreciated.
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    you can buy replacement o- ring's at some sites online like I think. also you might try the hardware store, i've heard they have them. welcome to the board.

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    i had the same problem, plus the bonus of my rattler tail wing having bent/melted, as well as the canopies on everything.
    the o rings are cheap and easy to find on ebay/online stores

    heheh= my mom shipped the stuff to me, when she saw all the broken joes she first thought i had done it, was doing something "weird" with them.
    i assured her it was just rot over time. what she thought i did with them, i dont want to know.

    but hot attics are definitely no place for gijoes
    need 88 TF dusty crotch

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    If the only thing wrong with your stuff is the o-ring melted, you are lucky. My toys spent over a decade in the attic here in North Texas, where it gets into the 100's several times each summer. My VAMP has melted parts! My DEFIANT complex was minty when at age 11 I gave up joes and put it up there. It is now discolored and broken.
    "that's the way baseball go"


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