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    Post Deogg's For Sale List-Freshly updated 8-21-07


    I also do trades (see my post in the Wanted section), particularly for Night Raven and Tomahawk parts (again, see the post in the Wanted section), and also for the Night Force Grizzly (again, see the post in the Wanted section, linked below)

    VEHICLES: all complete with BP $10 each unless noted:
    -Bomb Disposal
    -Air Defense
    -Silver Mirage $15
    -Whirlwind $15
    -Stinger: body only

    -Hovercraft: Non-repro. Missing 5 minor stickers (#'s 7,12,12,13, and 14 on the sheet). Great condition. A gorgeous sheet! $7

    Blue Alley Viper (complete) $8
    Techno Viper (no accessories, symbol 85% there) $10
    Eel (no access, symbol 85-90% there) $10

    NASCAR Stuff For Sale:
    -I have a LONG (13 pages worth on MS Word) list of NASCAR/die cast stuff for sale. If you're interested, I'll send you a copy of the Word file!

    Other Non-Joe for sale:
    -Heroscape Sir Hawthorne GenCon 2006 exclusive figure. MIB with stat card. VERY tough fig!! $80
    -Star Wars Pepsi Promotional R2D2 standee. Lifesized and gorgeous! $25
    -Star Wars Spirit of Obi-Wan figure. MIB. $10
    -Galoob Star Trek TNG MOC figs $5 each: Picard, Riker, Worf, LaForge (cards are not that great, also interested in trading for the Galoob figs I need. Please email me for info)
    -Secret Wars Spider Man loose complete, dead mint with sealed secret messages with fullcard $10
    -Star Wars 2003 Convention Exclusive Silver Boba Fett, MOC. $10 each (I have two available)

    BOARD GAMES: $20 each unless specified
    -Babylon 5 2258 Edition, still sealed (I have two available)
    -Babylon 5 2259 Edition, still sealed (I also have 2 of this available)
    -Donkey Kong: vintage 80's board game, complete and near mint.

    Boring details:
    -Buyers MUST be a registered member on Yojoe.
    -These prices do NOT include shipping. Shipping is $5 minimum for USPS Priority Mail, with delivery confirmation/insurance available at buyer's expense, or $2 for padded envelope where applicable.
    -I accept checks and money orders. Checks are held 7 to 10 days to clear. M/O's ship same day or next.
    -Please see my post in the Wanted section for trades.

    If anyone is interested, please drop me a line: [email protected]

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    Do you have a large lot of loose joes you wanna unload? pref. without weapons or acc. cobras or joes, it doesn't matter
    Looking for Starcom stuff, will buy or trade for

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    Both Snakes

    E-mailed ya about the Snake's for those comic's I got a while back.

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    Hey e-mail me. I still want the 2 Armor's for those Marvel Comic's I picked up.

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    Hey man, e-mail me. I am interested in a sealed Fridge. When you say "body" for the Stinger jeep, do you mean just the shell. Are the wheels attached? Just wondering. I have missiles for it and the driver and I am looking for an incomplete one. Thanks. *G*
    needs: Eel mouthpiece, '92 HQ large tripod, '87 CC mouthpiece. Ask my good traders about me: etmartin, AVAC, Graz73, redviper, CobraArmory, obi39, ncsuoz, swamp rat, & Biohazard

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    Bumped and Updated. Got LOTS of Nascar stuff added!

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    Dang, it's been a year since I've bumped this!!! lol

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