Do the newer vehicles fit?

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    Do the newer vehicles fit?

    Do the newer vehicles fit in your RAH universe? Do you think they look right together?

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    Just a couple

    The only ones I can include are the Humvee and the Defense Mech. But in my displays, the Defense Mech can only go with the new sculpt figures. The Humvee may make a cross-over sometime. All the other new vehicles just don't look right and I prefer using the old style vehicles even with my new figure display. I currently have a STUN and the Crimson Sabotage HISS and ASP with my new Cobras (only have about 12 new sculpt cobras that I like).

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    The only newer vehicles I've seen that could fit are the Grizzly, Humvee, and the Thunderwing.

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    To me the only new vehicles that fit are re-issues of the old vehicles. When compared side by side with Vintage items they do not look like they are from the same toy-line. Even the '93-'94 Vehicles look better IMO than the new stuff.
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    Some fit it great - Thunderwing, Humvee, and Ice Sabre, for example.

    To me, the Sting Raider just channels 1987. It looks like it could have easily been manufactured in GIJoe's heyday.

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    The Tigerhawk fits for me.

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    Some do, some don't. For me, vehicles like the HISS 4, Road Rebel, Desert Coyote, Battle Blitz, Hoverstrike, Smoke Screen and Sky Sweeper DO NOT fit the bill. Include the Cobra Mountain in that list to.

    But the Pirahnna boat, HUmvee, Thunderwing, Patriot Grizzly are all good vehicles. The rest are just kinda in the middle. I really find that the classic vehicles are better vehicles because they don't look so clunky and have tons of playability without the need for electronics.

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    Generally I only buy vehicles that I think fit in with the vintage ones. I think any vehicle should be able to be used with each. My '98 MOBAT is even boxed up and not seeking a vintage one because it's the only tank the size of the Hummvee. So far I have both Grizzlies, the Jungle Hummvee, 2 Sting Raiders, the Thunderwing, the Skysweeper, and the red Night Adder (which I'm ambivalent about using - I originally got it for the awesome version of Wild Weasel), plus Depth Charge's spy jetski, Barrel Roll's glider, and Snake Eyes' motorcycle. I'm quite happy integrating each of these with my vintage vehicles except perhaps for the Night Adder, and am still seeking the Venom Striker, Ice Sabre, both mechs, and the Desert Hummvee.


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