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    Question What do we do?

    I made a trade, and was burned.What can we do about these trades.Do we go with mail fraud?
    Contact your Postal Inspector. Keep your Postal service information. It will help.
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    What I would do first is possibly put their name in the advice section aka a "so-in-so contact me" post...sometimes emails do get lost in the spam filters. If you have exhausted ALL possible ways of getting ahold of this person and resolving it, and the trade is that bad here are a few things you can do:

    1) keep all of your emails concerning the deal
    If you have some sort of proof he received your end..that would help more

    2) If you want to pursue the legal aspect of it all, report it to the post office..I don't know what they will do with a trade concerning toys..but hey it is worth a try. they have a page to file a complaint here: http://www.usps.com/postalinspectors/fraud/

    Also, the government has an internet fraud site IFCC which partners with the FBI: http://www.ifccfbi.gov/index.asp

    If your want to sue this person, you can file through small claims court.

    I have also heard of people calling the bad trader's local police to see if that helps.

    3) IF it was a trade done on this board or on ebay, post it in the bad trader forums and explain the deal and what went wrong WITHOUT petty name calliing. If you trade on other boards and they will let you make a post about a bad trader that isn't selling on their boards, post there too..the more that know about it the better off the collecting community is.

    Just a side note: On most message boards I am a member of, including this one, moderators do not mediate trades..so trades on the board are your own risk. However to avoid bad trades, we have a feedback thread in the good traders section and also a search feature to find feedback on someone. Also, if you can't find feedback, just post in the advice section a "have you traded with so-in-so" post. If the person is reputable, his trading partners will jump on the bandwagon to support him. If he is known to be horrible, their will be tons of posts saying that he is bad news. If no one says anything, chances are you are dealing with someone new to the boards or to the hobby, so perhaps do a small trade first with this person and see how it goes. For example, when I trade with a new person, it might be for accessory or filecard..not something like a mint mickey mouse CC.

    Anyway..good luck with all this and I hope the rest of your trades go better.


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