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    See if he pays for it first. I have had freak bids like that before. A few reasons why are, last one in the collection, 2 dont' have time to search, 3 a special memory attatched to it. I sold quite a few things to military ppeople who wanted gungo, lifeline or whatever position they held. They just wanted one figure so they didn't care what they paid.I understand what everyone is saying about searching for a bargain but some people have the money and $50 doesn't mean much to say you are I.
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    Two people put in bids that were there to win the thing, and didn't imagine that someone else would bid that high.

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    Quote Originally Posted by red25thta
    Hey I think I might have that. I'll look tonight at home. If your interested I'll sell you it for $53-$4(figure)-$5(Polly)= $44 (G) J/K

    But serious I might have it all sitting at home. If so and you are wanting it I'll sell it for a lot cheaper than that.
    sure let me know if you got it and what you want.

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    WOW, I kept listing him in my store, fist for $20, then $ I know why they sold so fast, less than a day for each. He is popular, and not easy to complete, either.
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    Shipwreck was one the first figures I sold out of. They went before Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Firefly ... etc. I think I sold them for $25 C-9+ complete. He is a very popular character. Actually I as rewatch the cartoons he seems to get as much air time as anyone and is more popular than many think. And he is tough to complete especially the stars / handle for the stars and the gun strap is many times broke. $50 seems high but it is not crazy.
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