sheesh! sine when has shipwreck been worth so much?

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    sheesh! sine when has shipwreck been worth so much?

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    Whoa. That's a nice looking figure but I agree with you...seems pretty high. More power to the seller!

    The master race is made of plastic and only 3 3/4 inches tall


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    yeah im just jealous lol my auctions never do that good

    i just sold a loose shipwreck in just as good condition for $4, surely the accessories and card arent worth $49? haha

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    Yeah, a bit pricey for a Shipwreck.

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    It must be the last figure he needs to complete his collection or something? It looks as if the string has a knot in it or it has broke and then tied back together. I might be upset if I bought it for that much abnd that was the case.
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    well shoot if its his last figure you would think he would do a search first. theres another one on there complete for $25 BIN. while i think thats still a tad high its HALF of what this guy just paid.

    i dont know it just seems weird to me that 3 different people would bid that high on that figure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 82to87Joes
    seems a little high!
    A little high? Now that's an understatement. I'd much rather get the JvC version because it's cheap, looks just as good, and comes with decent accessories(although the only thing the JvC version is missing is Polly).
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    See if he pays for it first. I have had freak bids like that before. A few reasons why are, last one in the collection, 2 dont' have time to search, 3 a special memory attatched to it. I sold quite a few things to military ppeople who wanted gungo, lifeline or whatever position they held. They just wanted one figure so they didn't care what they paid.I understand what everyone is saying about searching for a bargain but some people have the money and $50 doesn't mean much to say you are I.
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    Two people put in bids that were there to win the thing, and didn't imagine that someone else would bid that high.


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