Anyone interested in common Argentine stuff?

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    PM sent man check your box
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    Quote Originally Posted by crimson
    I just visited a small market today and saw the following MOC figures:
    - Satan
    - Ninja-Ku
    - Cobra de Hielo (Storm Shadow)
    - Quick Kick
    - Fuego (Ripcord)
    - Sokerk 2 (Ripcord)

    A loose Destro and Cobra de Aço, and a MIB SLAM.
    The Cobra de Aço had a reserve, but I'm sure I can get it if I tempt the seller.

    I'll be visiting more market places soon. Let me know if interested, check my post in the Wanted section (or my signature) for the figures I'm interested in.

    What are you looking for, for that NinjaKu and The Satan? Please let me know. Thanks Chris
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    Crimson. You e-mailed me about my 2 Vipers in Auction. If you win that I would be willing to take some stuff in trade. E-mail me at [email protected] if you are interested.

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    I am interested in any paperwork you find. I'm looking for inserts, posters, books, flyers, etc. If you find any please PM me.

    Dan Moore
    My Want List: Email me at dmooretoys @ (remove spaces) and let's deal!

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    I'm looking for Calavera (Torch), Invasor, Mortal (don't laugh, I gotta mention it), Ninja-Ku, & the Argentine Adder. My trade list is here. I'll be adding a few things to it soon.

    Hopefully something turns up, Thanks.


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