How many army builders to make an army?

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    Question How many army builders to make an army?

    If for example, a 6 pack of Cobra infantry forces would be like a squad, and you have several squads in a platoon then thats divided into companies and brigades and divisions and finally into an army, then you are looking at over 500 troops for a realistic scale small army. Being as though thats a little far to be reached what would you consider a good size army for your collection?
    I would one day like to be at this level but I am only about half way there. So how much is enough?
    Wanted: All cobra army builders from 1982 - 1987.<BR>[email protected]

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    To me, you can never have enough army builders.

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    I think every army builder tries to develop a level of practicality in his madness of army building. Heres my personal rules. Low ranking Cobras such as Viper and Cobra Infantry are th most numerous. I am not quite there yet but I intend to have at least 60 of those. I call those a brigade. Of course I know that a Brigade is much more than that but in my world thats not pratical so I have to lower the number. My other cobras with specialities I break down into company, platoon, and squads. My alley vipers I have 4 squads of 4 different versions. Each squad is 12 to 16 men in my Cobra world. They are lead by a 1993 Yellow Alley Viper. My Neo vipers, Bats, nullifier/Flak Vipers are arranged the same way with a different version comprising a squad. Troops I have only in squads of 12 to 16 are Cobra Claws, Pit Vipers, Swamp Vipers, Crimson Guard Immortal, CGs, and Range Vipers. All my other Cobras I only have 3 to 6 of each them. However, I have 4 each of every Python Patrol trooper released in the Python Patrol 6 pack so I have the Python Patrol grouped into a company.

    I have one desert platoon made up of 6 each of Desert Scorpions, Desert Claws, Sand Scorpions, and Neurtoxins. They man Paralzers, Parasites, and Scorpion Jeeps.

    One Artic Operations Platoon made up of 3 85 Snow Serpent, 3 91 Snow Serpents, 12 Snow Wolves, and 6 2003 Snow Serpents.

    My motor pool comprises of 6 each of most vehicle drivers like, Stinger Drivers, Hiss Driver, Rip ITs, Worms, Cobra Coils, and one or two others. I have more than 24 Motor Vipers from 86 as I use them as my basic vehicle drivers from everything from Hiss Tanks to Bat Apc. In my world a Bat wouldn't be driving an Apc. So I would say I have a Motor Pool Company.

    Now there's my Cobra Amphibious Company which Comprise three each of Eels v1 and 2, Sea Sluggs, secto Vipers, Morays, Electic Eels, Hydro Viper, Undertow V1 and 2 and other sea Cobras.

    Lastly I have a company of support cobras made up of 3 to six of various types of Televipers, TechnoVipers, toxo-vipers, Targets, Incinerators, 93 heat Viper(ugly green), Astro-Vipers, and other non-infantry odds and end vipers.

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    As far as newer stuff goes, I only ever get two of any particular army builder and one of any TRU 6-pack (the lone exceptions being OCS *only got one* and the Infantry set *I have three of those*)

    Older stuff, it's however many I can get.

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    Well I try to troop build in groups of 6, and if possible 12. So far I got 12 Razor Troopers, 12 VvV Vipers, and 12 Fushia Vipers. Anything more than 12, and I'd probably run out of room pretty quickly.
    Though I know tons of people, online and off, that got way too many infantry packs for their own good.

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    realistic number is impossible to reach. do you think if cobra was real they would only have 500 of each troop. the number would probably be into the thousands.

    once you get into the hundreds it is obsessive, not collecting.

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    Infantry company roughly 130 troops
    battallion- 4-5 companies
    Brigade - 3 companies
    Division - at least 3 brigades

    This is a regular army division of infantry. Sure your Joe/Cobra army would have to be scaled down significantly
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    20 if they are marginally cool and cheap
    10 if i can get them cheap
    4 if they are cool and pricy

    that is about how it works for me

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    I had an end number of 25 each on the guys that i like, but it has grown way beyond that for most of them. It is hard to say no when you really like a figure, especially an army builder.

    The newer guys are a lot easier to go crazy on, since they are more readily available. For that reason, I have been trying to work on my vintage army builders, and only buy new pieces if they are based on vintage molds. I set some goals that i am hoping to reach and limit myself there, but when i reach them, then get offered more, i am sure I'll forget about that limit and push up my goal.

    I have also been army building some of my customs, it helps to channel and dampen the army building sickness if I have to put a lot of work into each piece, rather than pick up a phone, bid on an auction, or fill an on line shopping cart to get toys.
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    I do squads of 8 for most regular troops.
    CGs-1 squad original (8 total)
    -2 squads OCS (16 total)
    -1 squad TRU CGs (when they come out) (8 total)
    all led by Tomax and Xamot
    Vipers-1 squad 86 Vipers led by Crimson Venom Cycle Viper
    -1 squad forest Vipers led by Venom Cycle Viper
    -1 squad purple Vipers led by grey TRU Viper (Officer)
    -2 squads 03 "army builder" Vipers led by blue TRU Vipers (Troopers)
    Cobra Soldiers-2 squads of swivel arm soldiers led by swivel arm officers (currently I only have 10, but I'll get up to 16 eventually)
    -6 squads of TRU 6 pack troopers led by Black Mask 6 pack Officers
    -1 squad comic pack soldiers led by comic pack officer
    I also have 8 man squads of Action Marines for Greenshirts and LBC Flagg Deckhands made by doing headswaps on 84 Cutters. I may also someday army build Night Vipers, Flak Vipers/Nullifiers, and Night Creepers.

    Iron Grenadiers v1, Eels v1, and Snow Serpents v1 go into squads of 12 because I want more than 8 of them, but not multiple squads (yet, anyway). Televipers v1 I will probably keep picking up until I hit 20-25, just because I think they are cool. Same with techno vipers.
    The other figures I army build are certain vehicle drivers (Hiss Driver, Stinger Driver, Wild Weasel, Copperhead, etc...) but only enough to man the vehicles that I have (3 Rattlers = 6 Wild Weasels, 1 Night Raven = 3 Strato Vipers, 2 Stingers and a custom MSV = 6 Stinger Drivers).

    I really feel that, while I have multiples of a variety of Cobra troops, I only truly army build Cobra Soldiers, CGs, Vipers, Eels, Snow Serpents, Iron Grenadiers, and Televipers.
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