Some pics I took.

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    Some pics I took.

    Can't really sleep, so I took some pics of my newest addition, the 97 Cobra Rage!
    Click me!

    And here's some pics of the BAT APC.
    Let me know if you dig em or not, thanks!

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    Thumbs up

    Dude that is a great custom Idea you did with those infantry swooping the heads with the Firefly.

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    May i ask what u did w/ the infantry bodies?

    Oh and it does look pretty cool. That was a sweet idea using the urban FF.
    Parts needed --- buy or trade!!
    Night Striker -- vertical veins & horizontal veins
    Dreadnok stinger -- Drivers door
    CAT -- gun tip, battery cover

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    Nice format!! Very professional looking!!

    I might be one of the very few people who actually LIKE the Cobra Rage.

    quick question tho, the mine dispenser looks like its upside down
    OR is it ME who positions it upside down??
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    No, you are right, I got it upside down. I just thought it fit in better that way. The other way, the top part hangs out a bit, this way, it fits in.
    I'm glad you liked the pics.
    I'm assuming you didn't check out the BAT APC pics to see what I did with all the Scrap Irons I had right?
    As for their bodies, I got them put away in a storage bin I got for a rainy day.

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    that is SWEET! i love the headswitches, they look excellent
    need 88 TF dusty crotch


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