so where will the string be cut on VvV??

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    Unhappy so where will the string be cut on VvV??

    i guess the jury is still out, after hearing the news about the VvV line from Hasbro. i am mainly interested in getting a clarification or confirmation (which is quite a rare thing, especially in recent times) from Hasbro, of where the VvV line is going to end, in other words, what are the last products that are going to ship out from oversea warehouses? i read, probably on Cobraisland, that a Hasbro Rep. said, the Wave 7 is the last wave. so i'm guessing the intercepted transcript from a few weeks back is null & void?? the transcript listed, what i guess are/would have been Wave 8 2-pk's (sgt mutt vs scrap iron, firefly vs spirit, etc..) if this is so, will the same go for the VEHICLES (R.O.C.C., Mech's, etc..), listed on the transcript? as well as the newly added HISS IV repaint listed on the Official Hasboe Joe site? i just want a few confirmations, but i suppose this is pretty pointless, since rumours abound online & even Hasbro doesn't ever seem to truly know for sure what will or might be axed & what will be coming out in the not to distant future. oh, i forgot to even mention the Comic 3-pk's (#12 & beyond...). Anyone know more or have "semi-reliable'' info, please LMK, i am quite curious as to how it will end...??

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    "hasboe", whoops, hasbobo?


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