sargent savage and extreme?

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    sargent savage and extreme?

    what did you think of them?

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    *ducking* Oh, this could get messy...

    OK - I personally didn't buy any Extreme figures because the articulation was nil and the expressions were taken directly from any given Rob Liefeld comic book (and you haven't seen HIM around since he tried to resurrect Battlestar Galatica in the 90's). They all looked constipated!

    I didn't buy Sgt. Savage because I was getting back into 3-3/4" at the time and they weren't to scale. I bought Sgt. Savage with the video because George Emmons said so. LOL Back on r.t.a-f, he wrote a review after coming back from Toy Fair, essentially saying "You WILL Believe!" (After seeing the video and toys, that is)

    Unfortunately, the animation was middling to poor (Even the D.I.C. cartoons were better than this!!!) and the figures were a bit disproportionalte. As an example, Sarge must have been pumping serious iron and had size 22 feet for his height.

    I get the impression from various comments here that neither line was taken seriously in the Joe community, but that's just my guess!

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    GI Joe extreme was very poor, IMO, and I never bought any.

    I really liked Sgt Savage. I loved the realism of the figures but two things did the line in for me. First of all they were not the right size, since they should have be 3 3/4", and secondly they cost too much. I forget how much it was, but I think around $6 each, and that was too much for me at the time.
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    GIJOE Extreme was an okay show on TV, and the bad guy figures looked cool. Everything else was pretty much lame. As for Sgt. Savage, I don't think I've ever heard of it.
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    i love Sgt Savage figures for the facial expression and good sculpting on the limbs and faces

    the articulation is kind of crappy because of the oringless design and body looking almost on steroids

    i do love the IRON Stormtroops
    and collect them
    if anybody has the regular black ones
    I am always looking for those
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    The only figure I bought from both lines was Iron Klaw, and I'm still kind of hoping he'd eventually make it into the regular Joe line as some Cobra general or something. I wouldn't mind seeing the Sgt. Savage stuff mixed in either. It loked nice, but just wasn't intresting to me in that scale.

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    Curiously enough, the Savage vehicles tend to work better with 3-3/4" figures.

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    The characters were cool for both lines. Unfortunately, the scale was not but I bought some with the video(which I didn't think was that bad and included Hawk and Lady J)at the time anyway. It would have worked better if they were 3 3/4 in. I will describe the extreme line with one word, *UGH*!

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    I personal don't like them and don't consider them part of my joe line.

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    I remember seeing piles of Extreme on clearance back in the day at KB, (back in '97, when I was big into Star Wars) and even considered picking up a few for customs, but in the end I didnt and I'm glad.

    That being said, the character designs werent all bad. Some of the SKAR guys might have made decent Cobra troops if given the 3 3/4'' treatment.


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