Anyone modded RAH hands to better fit certain guns?

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    Anyone modded RAH hands to better fit certain guns?

    I'm just full of Questions today!

    But has anyone tried to re-position hands on their figs. For example, Night Vipers. I think it'd be coller if they could hold their guns like they were actually using them. Instead of only being able hold at their sides more or less. I'm thinking a few lght hits with a lighter and I might be able to "warp" the hand(s) enough to trun them a bit to better suit the rifle. I'm also thinking I could melt the hand (especially the THUMB) right off. I considered boiling, but I don't it will leave a permanent effect. Any thoughts?
    Looking for CG parts!<P>I NEED a waistpiece to a Cobra Ninja Viper!!!!!

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    It would be something nice to try with some cannon fodder arms/hands first!

    The master race is made of plastic and only 3 3/4 inches tall


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    my best advice is to use another, more accurate figures' hands to replace the RAH figure. I like the Star Wars and the Ultimate Soldier 3.5" line personally. you can make anyone's hands fit cool positions.

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    1. Boil the water first, like in a microwave.

    2. Place Joe hands in, wait a full minute for '82 figs. Less time is needed for later figures.

    3. Pull hands out, open or close however you need (but do it quickly!). Paint cracks will show in hand if opened too wide, but hand will not break. Paint will not fall off.

    Thereyago. I've done this alot. Works everytime. Just didn't want you to hurt your Joes



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