H.I.S.S. Custom **Updated pics after painting**


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    H.I.S.S. Custom **Updated pics after painting**

    I had some old parts laying around so I started messing around with an old Septic Tank I had. Below are a couple of pics of something I came up with and I wanted to get some opinions on it before i went ahead with gluing everything together and painting it. Keep in mind these parts are just loosely held together and still need to be primed and painted. Here are a list of parts:

    Septic Tank Body
    Painted Snow cat rear end
    Slam gun turret
    Custom Turret so the I can turn around 360 degrees.
    2 unknown Missiles

    Anyways here are the pics


    Any good (or Bad) comments or suggestions would be greatly apprecitated.

    Edit**** Below are some pics of the HISS painted in just plain black. Let me know what you think.


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    Wow, thats not bad!!

    What are you gonna color it? Infantry Blue or original Black?
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    Looks good. Great idea. I personally think it would look even better with an original Hiss canopy though.
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    I had planned on trying to find a hiss canopy but was using the septic tank canopy till i get one. As for colors, Im kind of up in the air. I thought about black but i might go with some thing else.


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    I like that a lot. I say, keep the Septic Tank canopy. Paint it a nice gunmetal, with some silver drybrushing, make the rest a nice HISS black, and you'll have a nice piece there.

    Any chance you wanna sell it unfinished? I would love to finish it or make one, but I don't find Septic tanks often.
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    I like the colors you started to put on it, but I agree with everyone else, keep the canopy. Paint it silver or black. You can never go wrong with black!

    Edit: I just realized that you hadn't started to paint it yet...ack. Well, maybe you can finish the rest of it with that camo you got on the snow cat part.
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    Thumbs up Impressive job!

    But the color you choose will make or break the custom IMO. I'm really anticipating the final piece!


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    Just got finished putting some black paint on it and thought i would post some updated pics. Check the first post in this thread for updated pics. I would like to know what you think of the Black Paint. Should I leave it black or go with some camo or something.


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    Oh man, that came out pretty cool.
    I just got done painting my Hiss II blue. I think I may paint the guns and other stuff black, but i'm not sure.
    While it's nowhere near as cool or as original as yours, you can check it out here.

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    Nice, man! The cannons should get done in gunmetal too, that would really pull it all together, matching the canopy. The red missiles too great! i think you have a top notch looking piece there.
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