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    tradelist: added comics/literature

    wantlist below...........................

    I am also interested in FUnskool or moc...preferably complete

    [email protected]

    T R A D E L I S T

    FANG- canadian
    SHARC- slightly discolored
    WHALE- odd fold

    mail-in slaughter uncut/redback)..dinged corners
    JvC Dusty
    Headhunter stormtrooper- perfect
    Recoil- perfect
    Roadpig- fullcard (canadian)
    TJ bang- perfect
    complete set of URBAN STRIKE filecards...will seperate if desired

    COMICS / etc.
    Special Missions: 'Ambush', Vol. 1, No. 8, December 1987
    'Shuttle Complex', Vol. 1, No. 65, November 1987
    '....and the Transformers', Vol. 1, No. 4, April 1987.
    'Last Plane from Rio Lindo' Vol. 1, No. 13, Jan. 1989.
    'Jungle Moves' Vol. 1, No. 56, Feb. 1987.
    'The Battle of Springfield', Vol. 1, No. 50. August 1986.

    **alpine- w/ bp, pick axe, gun
    **barbeque- w/ bp
    **blowtorch- pw on brows, w/ helmet
    **fast draw- mint/complete
    **gen. hawk (90 or 91?)- missing helmet/ mint (flying one w/ gold missiles)
    **mutt- soft right knee
    **nunchuk- mint/complete
    **slice- mint w/ long and short sword
    **tf (TRU) stalker- w/ 2 guns, fc
    **storm shadow v2- mint, white, complete

    '82 Scarlett- 2 straight arms...rt arm has loose elbow, left arm has pw
    '82 Zap- waist, head, back, legs
    '82-83 Zap- both swivel arms, legs, back, front, head
    range viper- left arm
    targat- waist, set of arms
    alley viper- left arm, waist, right leg, front, back
    dusty- head, arms, front, back, semi loose legs
    spirit- head, waist, legs, perfect back
    cobra commander- legs, left arm, head w/ pw on mask

    1 olive drab helmet
    airborne- bp, gun
    Ambush- complete set of poles, handgun
    annihilator- control arm, other thing that connect to bp, backpack
    backblast- handle thing
    baroness- bp
    beach head- rifle
    big ben- bp
    bullhorn- handgun
    buzzer- bp
    capt. gridiron- rifle
    cobra commander (armor)- bp
    croc master- leash
    dee jay- bp x2
    dusty- bp x2, gun
    fast draw- bp
    frag viper- bp w/ one broken tab on top
    grunt- rifle
    headhunter stormtrooper- launcher, rifle, missiles x2
    heat viper- 1 gray hose
    Iceberg v2- snowboard, larger gun x2
    lifeline- case, bp x2, mask
    lowlight- rifle
    mercer- backpack
    metal head- missile x4, complete backpack, 2 double cannon things, gun
    mutt- brown belly junkyard, leash, helmet
    night creeper- crossbow
    nunchuk- nunchuk
    outback- bp, web-belt
    recoil- camera
    ripcord- mask x2
    roadblock- bp (no piece), tri-pod
    roadpig- cinder-block stick
    '89 Rock n Roll- bp x2, gun, ammo strip
    salvo- missile
    scoop- camera
    Serpentor- repaired cape, dark variation snake (broke end), and backpack
    DEF Shockwave- yellow launcher, helmet, rifle
    shortfuse- bp x2
    storm shadow- bp x2
    storm shadow v2- bp, crossbow
    wild bill ('92)- backpack
    windchill- ski
    zarana- bp

    AIR CHARIOT- gun, head, snake neck part, both shell parts

    ASP- right cannon w/ tip, rear feet, base

    BUGG- front side door, middle side door, 2 yellow side platforms

    CLAW- top shell, bottom shell, rear right exhaust, left rear fin, right & left wing extensions, top gun cover

    COASTAL DEFENDER- all wall pieces, 1 gray missile holder, radar, 1 missile, orange seat

    CONQUEST- right tail fin, 2 yellow missile (tips chewed)

    DEMON- drivers canopy, red side light, top gun, back gun, treads x2, gold side treads holders x2, bottom tread holders (both), all of main shell except part that holds top gun

    DEVILFISH- engine lifter, 2 engine covers, small black hose

    DRAGONFLY- 3 skinny missiles, 1 black connector hose piece, 3 side engine covers, 1 fathead missile, seat unit

    DREDNOK CYCLE- 1 missile, machine gun turret

    FANG- 4 missiles

    FERRET- side cannon, front machine gun w/ connector

    FIREBAT- barebones shell only...(nothing broke)

    FLIGHT POD- wrap around piece (unbroken)

    GENERAL- short/fat bomb

    HAVOC- long tread cover

    INVADER- 3 legs, 1 green U-piece, bottom gun, black shell w/ bronze bottom part

    MACHINE GUN DEFENSE UNIT- "Restricted" sign, 1 tan battlestand, 1 barricade X-beam

    MANTA- 2-piece board, gun (broke cord), backpack

    MIRAGE- backpack x2, long missile x4, short missile x3, kickstand, handle bars, machine gun x2, sidecar windshield, cycle windshield, sidecar seat, bike seat x2, back wheel

    MOBILE COMMAND CENTER- 2 fold down bed? pieces

    MOCCASIN- front windshield x2, gear for turning fan, 2 side cannons

    MMS- bottom part w/ wheels, front feet, back feet, and attached hand-held control (no stand though); 2 missiles

    MEAN DOG- 4 white missiles

    MUD FIGHTER- canopy, 6 bombs

    NIGHT FORCE SHARC- orange gun cover

    PIRAHNA- unbroken shell with seat/exhaust, and seatclip

    POGO- 2 legs, 2 silver leg cords

    RAGE- maroon mine box, short fold-out missile

    RATTLER- rubber nose piece x2, bottom cover, 2 bombs, square undamaged panel, wings

    ROLLING THUNDER- wheel, 7 yellow missiles (no fins), 1 short red missile, 1 circular missile thing for small red missiles, 4 glass covers for cluster bombs

    SEA RAY- 8 missiles

    SKYHAWK- missile

    (SKY) SKYHAWK- unbroken main shell, canopy, exhaust

    STILLETO- canopy

    STINGER JEEP- both doors

    SWAMPFIRE- top shell, front gun, 2 blades, 2 side floaters, side floater clips, 2 side covers

    THUNDERCLAP- 2 carriage guns, 2 missile caps, 3 short missiles, orange hatch cover, unbroken front cab w/ canopy and 'top' gun

    THUNDER MACHINE- ammo belt, exhaust

    TIGER DEVILFISH- lift assembly, motors, rear rudder connector

    TIGER STING (vamp)- 2 black doors

    VAMP- rear gas can holder

    WHALE- missiles x9, several depth charges, complete motorcycle, complete sled, fan, side cannon, side engine cover, horizontal vanes x4, gunner's turret

    ZARTAN'S SWAMPSKIER- bottom frame, black exhaust thing, front skis w/ black part attached, rear "axle", 1 rear ski

    W A N T L I S T **************************************

    astro viper waist
    pac rat missile launcher- 1 end-piece for missile
    python conquest- back/top fins
    any army builders from the PYTHON PATROL 6-pack
    TRU Ninja Figures except Vypra
    any green shirts
    any anti-venom figures
    any tru desert camo figures
    any urban strike army builders
    any bj sound attack figs except firefly and snake eyes
    any comic pack figs as long as proportional to original joes

    *cobra commander- fig

    flash- gun, fc
    *Breaker- figure

    Baroness- fc
    *Covergirl- figure

    *Copperhead- blue gloves

    snow serp- missile stand
    eel- mouthpiece
    *Keel Haul- figure
    *Listen N Fun Tripwire- fig
    Viper- gun, backpack X2, fc
    smb wetsuit- fc
    smb leatherneck- waist, fc
    smb claymore- gun, fc
    smb mainframe- small communication device, fc
    smb dialtone- fc
    sgt. slaughter- baton
    lift ticket- mic

    mercer- gun
    rumbler- gun, helmet, fc
    worms- antenna
    blaster- face shield
    steamroller- fc
    estrella/brazil Sparta- fc

    ghostrider- fc
    star viper- fc
    windmill- gun
    ferret- fc
    secto viper- fc
    nf sneak peak- light, handle, mic, fc
    nf tunnel rat- ammo pack, 2 flashlights, fc
    tf skystriker- helmet, visor, antenna attach, fc
    * tf lifeline- figure
    * slaughter- warthog driver- figure

    annhilator- connector x2, blade x2
    alley viper- mask, fc
    nf spearhead- helmet, backpack, max, machete, rifle, fc
    frag viper- launcher, fc
    PP Cobra officer- head, gun, fc
    heat viper- missile x2
    PP Viper- gun, fc
    hotseat- helmet, fc
    nf lightfoot- helmet, backpack, ammo strip, robot, antenna/stand, fc
    scoop- fc
    nf shockwave- fc
    long range- gun
    darklon- fc
    aero viper- helmet, fc
    track viper- fc

    subzero- bipod
    vapor- fc
    undertow- fc
    sonic dialtone- fc
    sonic tunnel rat- fc
    laser viper- waist, fc
    range viper- missile launcher, missile x2, fc
    pathfinder- fc
    stretcher- antenna, windshield
    night creeper- jagged sword, fc
    saw viper- bipod
    major storm- gun, helmet, fc
    sonic lamprey- sub-machine gun
    ambush- material
    sonic viper- everything including fc
    SKY skydive- everything including fc
    interrogator- right arm, gun, fc
    *topside- fig
    *rampart- fig
    *sonic law- fig
    *updraft- fig
    *decimator- fig
    *sonic roadpig- fig
    *sonic rock n roll- fig

    red star- knife, missile, strap, round clips, antenna, fc
    snow serp.- missile launcher, snowboard, fc
    c. commander- launcher, fc
    cloudburst- visor, gun, fc
    skycreeper- gun, fc
    tracker- fc
    heavyduty- red antenna, fc
    gen. hawk- fc
    toxo viper- gun, cannon, backpack
    psyche-out- all except huge gun, including fc

    duke- tripod, fc
    cutter- harpoon missile, fc
    bullet proof- mic
    gen. flagg- fc
    flak viper- fc
    dojo- fc
    DEF headman- fc
    dice- fc
    gungho- flagpole w/ flag, fc
    nunchuk- fc
    eels- missile, fc
    night creeper leader- 2 long swords
    *Snowstorm (orange)- fig
    *Col. Courage- fig
    *Outback (both)- fig
    *Cutter- fig
    *Ace- fig
    *roadblock- fig

    B.A.A.T.- all accessories
    Snowstorm- 2 missiles, knife, launcher, fc
    backblast- knife, fc
    scarlett- machete
    megamarine gung ho- yellow armor, fc
    megamarine mirage- all except stand, fc
    Mutt- fc
    armortech destro- all, fc
    sci fi- fc
    ozone- all, fc
    SFII Balrog- gloves, 1 missile, harpoon missile, knife, fc
    SFII Sagat- machete sword, 1 wrist claw, fc
    SFII Ken Masters- 1 small knife, mid-sized machete knife, sickle
    SFII Maj. Bison (BLUE)- fc
    *countdown- fig
    *gray ozone- fig
    *targat- fig
    *armor gen. hawk- fig
    *crimson guard commander- fig
    *cobra commander- fig
    *muskrat- fig
    *head hunter- fig
    *banzai- fig
    *orange slice- fig
    *T'gin Zu- fig
    *red ninja- fig
    *mega marine Clutch- fig
    *Mega viper- fig
    *blast off- fig
    *cyber viper- fig
    *bio viper- fig
    *monstro viper- fig
    *Rapid Deployment Force
    *arctic subzero & snow serpent
    *Mail-in deep six
    *Mail-in cobra commander
    *Mail-in Name Your Own Cobra
    *Mail-in Interrogator / Maj. Altitude
    *SFII Ryu (gray)- fig
    *SFII Ken Masters (purple)- fig
    *SFII Guile (brown)- fig
    *SFII Guile (green)- fig
    *SFII Chun Li (orange)- fig
    *SFII Blanka (blue)- fig
    *SFII Edmond Honda- fig
    *SFII Dhalsim (yellow shorts)- fig
    *SFII Zangeif- fig
    *SFII Vega- fig

    ice cream soldier- 2 missiles
    techno viper- fc
    SpaceShot- gun, backpack, fc
    MAIL-IN Windchill- gun, fc
    SF MOVIE Sagat (driver)- fc
    SF MOVIE Dhalsim- coat, small crossbow, large crossbow, forarm pad, stand, knife, fc
    SF MOVIE Chun li- axe, stand, 2 hand-held things, long thing, fat knife
    SF MOVIE Mjr. Bison- axe, both guns, fork, fc
    SF MOVIE Paratrooper Guile- chute holder
    SF MOVIE Arctic Guile- launcher, missile, skis, bp
    MK scorpian- all, fc
    MK subzero- fc
    MK reptile- fc
    MK reydon- fc
    MK liu kang- fc
    MK Shang Tsung (driver)- fc
    *flint- fig
    *dialtone- fig
    *shipwreck- fig
    *viper- fig
    *alley viper- fig
    *lifeline- fig
    *stalker- fig
    *snowstorm- fig
    *night creeper leader- fig
    *MAIL-IN Gijoe- fig
    *SHADOW Snake eyes- fig
    *SHADOW Storm Shadow- fig
    *SHADOW Bushido- fig
    *SHADOW Slice- fig
    *SHADOW Night Creeper- fig
    *SHADOW Nunchuk- fig
    *DUke- fig
    *Sci Fi- fig
    *Cobra Commander- fig
    *Cobra Blackstar- fig
    *Effects- fig
    *Payload- fig
    *Lobotomaxx- fig
    *Predacon- fig
    *Carcass- fig
    *Countdown- fig
    *Ozone- fig
    *Gears- fig

    MK MOVIE Sub Zero- all accessories, fc

    stars n stripes Breaker- need all accessories
    stars n stripes Grunt- need all accessories except backpack

    destro- all access.
    shipwreck- accessories except mask
    *Vypra- fig
    *Ace- fig
    *Firefly- fig
    *Night Creeper- fig
    *Snow Serpent- fig
    *Cobra Officer- fig
    *Cobra Trooper- fig
    *Colonel Brekhov- fig

    Rip-it- fc

    Leatherneck- all weapons
    Big Brawler- all weapons
    *Firefly- fig
    *Undertow- fig
    *Shadow Viper- fig
    *Flint- fig
    *Rock n Roll- fig
    *Sub Viper- fig

    Sound attack Snake eyes- all weapons and fc
    SOund attack firefly- all weapons and fc
    big ben- fc
    gen. tomahawk- fc

    PP Major blood- fc and weapons except long gun
    *TOYFARE Scarlet- fig
    *TOYFARE Snake eyes- fig

    tf action man- all weapons and fc
    COMIC Sgt. Stalker- handgun
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    added a couple more vehicles

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    added some comics & literature


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