Is anyone still selling Funskool joe vehicles?

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    Is anyone still selling Funskool joe vehicles?

    I am looking for a Stalker Jet, Brian's was way too expensive and was out of stock (others didn't agree with me). Does anyone else stock the vehicles?
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    if anyone is selling funskool, i'm lookin for funskool fang helicopters. i can't find any with the roll bars intact. And i hear the funskool is just the same as hasbro. if anyone has any, pm me! thanks
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    Count me in here too! Not looking for figs, just vehicles like the Fang indeed...

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    Kev, IM me when you see me, I have a stalker jet for you w/ box and all the goods.

    I also have a bunch of others if you want.
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    a funskool fang

    Quote Originally Posted by BelgianGabber
    Count me in here too! Not looking for figs, just vehicles like the Fang indeed...
    Here you go.Funskool fang.
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    Check out this previous post about funskool vehicles, I have never bought from them but it seems others have and give them the thumbs up.
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    This is a site in INDIA that you can order the funskool stuff from direct. When you convert the rupies into US dollars you can see that it's REAL cheap. I ordered my Skystriker this way and if it wasn't for the red misslies you couldn't tell the difference. The only thing that sucks are the decals. I ordered some repos and now she looks sharp!!! They have figures too but for the I just go to I hope this helps
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    where do you go on that site to see the prices converted into US dollars? I'd like to pick up a detonator, but $45 is a bit steep.
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    I'm reasonably sure that the prices they cite on the website are US$ amounts. That might seem excessive to US buyers (used to relatively inexpensive shipping), but it makes a huge difference to international buyers (where you might buy a Skystriker for $45.00 and then another $20.00 to ship it). That being said, they've increased their prices a lot since I got mine, so it looks a lot less economic now.
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    Sorry guys I looked up the website and I guess someone over there realized that they could charge a **** of a lot more for that stuff. I ordered from them my skystriker about two years ago and it was about $30 shipped!!! So I guess you need to start shopping around again.


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