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    So Mark, with Larry Hama having contributed to your guide, do any of the character bios for Zartan/Zarana/Zandar reveal where they were born and whether or not they were genetically engineered with their animal DNA at the embryonic stage? That would certainly seal a purchase from me.

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by MikePrime

    Now, one question. Why the "sad face" emoticon?


    I think he really doesn't like to push his book here and was told by a few people that he should.

    I say he should.

    1. He put a ton of work into it. Wouldn't it be great to make a little money for all that time and effort?

    2. This book can be a service to the members here. A good guide benefits us all.
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    I am curious how you came up with the values (price guide) part of the book. I am keeping my fingers crossed that you would be the first to be in the ballpark with realistic values compared to all of the other want to be guides.
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    I'm happy that you did post this because I now know where to get it. I'll definatly order at least one, but I'll probaby wear it out going through it all.
    Oh and thanks so much for all the work you poured into this.
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    I discovered your book on Amazon yesterday and was so jazzed when I saw it! I ordered a copy on the spot!!!

    Congratulations on getting it completed!! That's a lot of work and you are truly to be commended! It's so great to see Joe books getting published! And yours looks to be really great! Thanks!


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    Thumbs up Way 2 go!

    Congrats again Mark, on the launch of the book! Love how the cover turned out! Very cool! Hope it blows the others completely out of the water!

    Also you’ll find some little new bits of info by Larry Hama where appropriate (what DOES the Arashikage symbol mean? Where were the Crimson Guard Commanders in Algeria before the officer’s Putsch of the late 60’s? What was the prototype code name of Cover Girl? Snake Eyes?)…
    That there is worth the price of the book alone, IMO.

    Time was you were just this guy who kept popping in & out of the forums declaring you were going to write a comprehensive Joe guide, then disappear for a time. We thought, "Ambitious goal, but will he actually follow-through???" We found out a few years later.

    Thanks Mark, hehe. . .now I know!


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    Thanks, Mr. Wan ;) and as for prices...

    I wrote the price in the guide based on my experience as an action figure columnist for Toy Shop, and a Joe collector completionist, and a scavenging troop builder since the line's inception in 1982.

    I gauged NON-AFA prices on Ebay, and reviewed some other WAAAAY inflated major price guides and adjusted DOWN to get to the "real" value of 3 3/4" Joe toys.

    For instance, a MLC v1 Snake Eyes is NOT a $60 piece as some guides erroneously report. It's about a $25-35 dollar sell on Ebay and from ten to fifteen reputable dealers from across the country.

    I've gotten a LOT of private messages regarding what I believe are "correct" prices for Joe items? Well... I don't really know, as the market is constantly in flux, but I'm certainly not going to purposely inflate certain items that just weren't rare.

    I've seen what some AFA MOC Joe items sell for on Ebay, and I think that they're great invesments and income for someone who possesses strong business acumen and intrepid tenacity as an entrepreneur (GOOD JOB, GUYS!), but some of these AFA prices are WELL beyond what a casual collector might pay for a 1982-1994 carded figure.

    Therefore, I've erred on the side of caution in the guide.

    According to your collecting habits, what would be a "fair" price for a MOC v1 Cobra Commander? say a C-9 card? NON-AFA?

    I simply answered that question based on guides and experience, and voila...

    Mostly I used common sense.

    Even though an AFA Firefly with a NM+ might sell for $1500+ on ebay, It sure ain't going to sell for that much at a local collectibles store.

    -- MWB

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    Thumbs up

    This is good. The DeSimone guides are OK, but even after all these years, I'm still confused about which Sky Patrol figure is which, what weapons came with the Renegades and which year figure "X" was released

    Clear pictures are going to be a good thing too. I avoided getting many figures because they looked lame in the DeSimone guide when actually they are quite cool
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    Do NOT worry about pimping your book here. Without this thread, I wouldn't have known about it, and then I couldn't have gotten it.

    Now that I know, an order will follow shortly.

    My next question, will you be pimping the book at the con this year? If it is as good as we all think it is, I'm sure there will be many happy collectors who would like to meet you.

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    Thumbs up Book at 'Con...

    I'm trying to work out a situation with Krause Pub's. where I'll have a table for them at the convention. I'll be there to give the dossier/prototype presentation (on Sat. Sun.) as well as trying to sell these things...

    Thanks for the kind words, Mr. Inspector... uhm... Sledge-Hammer. Cool name.

    -- MWB


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