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    cool, sounds great. i was really disappointed with the collecting and completing guides by james desimone, while not really that bad for what they were (identification guides), for the price i was expecting a bit more then a few pages of pictures. they are basically pamplets for $20. we all have the same thing right here on yojoe

    anyways ill order one of your books, sounds really nice

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    Not that I'm not gonna get one (because I WILL!), but does it cover foreign stuff too?

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    This kinda explains a lot of the reeeeeeal specific kinda far-out items
    on your want list, Mark! (I mean, I like Buzzer and all, but one version of the file card wokrs for me)

    I'm kidding - congrats on getting published. You can bet I'll be ordering it!

    Thanks for the heads up!

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    Red face Book WILL NOT COVER...

    The BOOK DOES NOT COVER FILE CARDS (although they will be referenced, and prototype info is added in), BLUEPRINTS (although they will be referenced in a blurb for each vehicle and accessory), OR FOREIGN ITEMS... the book is 265 full color pages. If I added bp's and f/c's (although I do have them all) along with foreign items (of which I have close to NONE), the book would be double the size...

    Sorry. I had to work within my limitations and domestic figures and vehicles are more important to the general public...

    -- MWB

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    very cool book. I will definately get one!

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    Just want to say thanks for letting us know about your cool book. I preordered one based on your description. Heck if you would have only said 265 full color pages I would have bought one! I hope the sales go well enough to have a follow up.

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    I kept quite long enough... and now that the cat's outta the bag...


    Mark bought a few very very very select things from me last year. I asked why he was looking for things so specific in nature and he sorta told me about this book, but made me promise not to say a word until this spring...

    Now that he's leaked the secret, people, BUY THIS BOOK!

    I know I am...

    Vehicle Parts Need List || Weapons Need List || For Sale Thread
    I played, ate and slept Joe as a kid and yet as an adult I still can't get enough of it! ! !

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    I have pre-ordered mine from Amazon.com.

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    Congratulations on all of the hard work, I'll be ordering one too!!! Also, keep up all of your good work in Toy Shop, I'm a subscriber and I look forward to your articles.


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    hey mark do international buyers get the chance to get it on the specified date they mentioned on amazon and can i get it in amazon.ca????? in canada...the price is very good for 265 pages...not like the others!!!
    wanna get me one of those!!!!!


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