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    Actually what I said was true and a few other collectors can vouch for it. I do have one mip without a mic and its not a rampage.My only guess for this is its from sears since they would get all of there toys in advance compared to teh stores. I am really looking forward to your book. It will be nice to look up weapons and flip through pages instead of trying to search yojoe.
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    I was using searchforjoes for a while but found my old name.I am looking for moc figures and weapons, send me your lists!!!

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    Question Heavy Metal MISP

    Is his beard grayed like Rampage's? If not, I think I can stick this line in before the proofs for '85 are sent...

    Why no notation on yojoe?


    -- MWB

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    Question Heavy Metal

    I meant: "Is his beard grayed or NOT like Rampage's"?


    Send me a pic of that MISP HM w/ out a mic to confim...

    -- MWB

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    I forwarded the link to my wife. Gotta go to the boss to make this purchase. Looks like you put a lot of work into it. I think you should be proud to let the Joe collecting community know about it. I personally cannot wait to see it.

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    I just regret I placed my order with my local comic shop before checking out that Amazon.com price.

    Oh well, at least a little guy is getting my money and not another big box. Every once in a while it is good to support the little guy.
    My eBay store with an over 12,000 feedback rating
    WANTED carded 1982-88 Joes for my collection

    You can’t stop the signal

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    Thanks folks...

    Like Nick said, I'm a little guy. No! Really.

    4' 3" tall. I'm great with kids around Christmastime. I bake cookies in a hollow tree. Make toys. No, wait! COLLECT TOYS!!!

    That was tasteless, and I'm sorry. I apologize to the undertall out there who I offended. Moderators, please don't sever this thread.

    I bet I'll have the the Representatives Against Growing Elf-haters banging on my door again (R.A.G.E.).

    Darned elves won't leave me alone. No matter where I turn.

    -- MWB

    God, I'm sorry about this. Getting a little punchy now with these galley proofs. Darned elves. Must contain the R.A.G.E.

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    Just placed an order for your book through buy.com. I remember it seeing it advertised in Diamond Previews a couple of months ago. Looking forward to it.

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    I'm interested in the book, but I really only need to know one thing:

    The pictures of the acc. for each figure, are they pics of the acc. by themselves, or are they pics of the acc. on the figure, in their hands, etc...
    Basically I'm looking for the paper, carry around version of yojoe.com

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    There is a picture of the figure, and then picture of all of the figures accessories LOOSE around the figure.

    With vehicles, there is a picture of the vehicle (complete), and then a picture of the vehicle's hard-to-find acessories in a smaller picture-box around it.

    -- MWB

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    Exclamation Hate to drift here. . .

    But every single MISB Mauler came with a microphone.

    HOWEVER, the mike was sometimes enclosed with the tank parts (as were mine), and not with the driver. That's one reason why it's so rare. Kinda like the extra bogey wheel that's supposed to go over the joystick. Both parts were very nondescript.



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