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    Congratulations, Mark!

    This looks to be an extremely informative G.I.Joe collector's book, from an incredibly knowledgeable collector. I'd venture to guess it's probably the most thorough book on domestic 3 3/4" Joes to date. I'll certainly be purchasing it!

    I encourage everyone pick-up a copy. Congrats again on this great accomplishment!

    ProjectPDD.com : The Definitive " Pimp Daddy Destro " Action Figure Resource

    JoeIntel.com : The site for EVERYTHING G.I.Joe. From posters, lunchboxes & store displays to 3 3/4" 25th action figures, prototypes & international items. Get knowledgeable on the full range of 'Joe collectibles since the 80's & join up to the forums!

    Always looking for unique packaged DESTRO items & all G.I.Joe preproduction items (artwork, prototypes, etc.). Contact me! I pay well!

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    I just pre-ordered my copy. It sounds like a sweet book and also sound like it will have far more content than the recent Lee's or Tomart's books that YoJoe had advertised. I want more than just pictures of the stuff, I want information. This sounds like it. And how can you beat the price for a 265 page full color book? My order was a little over $20 shipped.

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    Hi Mark, the guide sounds great! Is there any chance of seeing preview scans of the pages?

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    Where do I sign up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beach Head
    Where do I sign up?
    It was toward the middle of the very first post here.
    This is where my signature would be if I had something to say.

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    Galleys Due on March 28th...

    Got my last set of galleys and am down to 54 mistakes...


    If I'm not dead by then, looks like your book orders will be honored...

    -- MWB

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    Now I know why you haven't returned my calls. (Also, I'm sorry for smashing your TerrorDrome into a thousand pieces. I'll play nice this time.)

    Good work. Look foward to seeing you in Minnesota. I am not moving to Tawain. There may be a war on soon.


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    Thumbs up

    Congratulations Mark. I have only a couple of items from that period, but I am going to give you my support and buy a copy. I hope your deal goes through and we will all see your second book covering the years 1995 to 2005.

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    i just order one as well.i am so glad you took extra care in the pictures, so many guides pictures are so bad.i cant wait to get it,and i wish you all the luck on your book.

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    Looks awesome Mark! I've become a bit of a vintage nut this past year myself (I did originally collect the line starting back in '82 but sold most of what I had to pay for college my senior year). I'll definatley be ordering a copy!

    Now featuring Flagg's Files and more classic wallpapers then you can shake a stick at!


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