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    Has there been anymore news on this book? I would love to see preview pages of the interior.

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    This looks great! All the other books like these seem to have been put together but people who do not own or even collect these toys (Lees)...or if they do collect they make so many mistakes that the guide is just about useless (Desimone).

    I have some questions about future projects from yourself ?

    Are you a completest?

    If so do you plan to do anything file card wise? (Yes I saw the posts above but the more who ask the more important the task will become...right?)

    I really would like a file-card book (arranged by order of release)...all cards and variations...in color and with some care to make it visually appealing…lol…I think the file cards really are great and that many collector neglect these as the task of finding is to great!

    Also about 94 to 2005…no one seems to have bothered with these…while the new sculpts will probably not draw much interest maybe the old style sculpts might…any plans here…repetitive questions get annoying eh?

    Any Canadian considerations in the book?

    I hope to add this book to my collection…!
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    I orderd 2 of the books. One to write in and the other to keep clean...........
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    Thanks for posting this looks fantastic just ordered one on Amazon.


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    Hi Mark, congratulations on getting the book up and running. I actually ordered mine on Amazon many weeks ago when it first appeared. And everyday for the last three weeks I have been meaning to post a thread here telling people about this book newly listed book on Amazon I found. No one else, that I saw, ever mentioned it so I kept meaning to post something but in the end it's your book and you got the honors so that's better. I am a figure completist (no room for vehicles) like yourself and have never been that intrigued with the other guides I've seen on Ebay and various collector sites. But as soon as I saw the cover of your book on Amazon, and its price, I knew it was time to own one and not always lean on YoJoe for info, not that there's anything wrong with that.

    Can't wait to open the book and I agree with other posts here, I'd be first in line to buy the second book (97-2005) as well as companion books dealing with file cards and blue prints.

    On a side note Mark, I may personaly contact you later this summer or fall in regards to a television program I'm getting off the ground. You sound like you would be a excellent source information and resources. But more on that later.

    Good luck with the book!
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    Did this book ship yet? According to Amazon, the shipping date is/was 4-22.

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    I'm not sure if it has shipped but I know I haven't received my copy yet.

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    Any word yet on the release date for the book?
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    I think he is just getting review copies out so I think it will be soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dockingbay97
    I have to admit that I was one of the people pressuring him to pimp his book.

    It seems a shame to put all that work into a book and not try to let people know about it. Especially when you are a member of a place like this - it makes for a great audience.

    I have mine on order and look forward to getting it.
    I agree, I will definitely buy one and at 24.99 or 16.49 it is a great deal. I only hope that the next release will have the convention, internet specials, and the collector's club figures. Thanks for the hard work!!


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