1983 Command Post Toothbrush/Toothpaste Dispenser


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    1983 Command Post Toothbrush/Toothpaste Dispenser

    This item was a Sears exclusive in 1983. The Command Post set includes a handle, three toothbrushes, and a dispenser. Sears also sold the battery-powered toothbrush by itself without the toothpaste dispenser. Here are some pics of this rare item:




    I am trying to get the collectibles archive updated with these items but I will also try to keep posting here. I wouldn't want this section to get boring! Make sure you check out the magazine updates to see the items that are added to the archives because I may add some items to the archives without posting them here.

    My Want List: http://forums.yojoe.com/showthread.php?t=34870 Email me at dmooretoys @ yahoo.com (remove spaces) and let's deal!

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    That's pretty hot Dan...i've not seen that before.
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    Thumbs up

    Sweet! Never seen that one either (which is all Dan hears, LOL!).

    I like in particular those items that can double as something useful and function as a toy. Like the Cobra Battle Game, both could blend in to any playset diorama very easily.


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    Arrow wow

    From what I know, this is one of THE hardest items to find of the licensed Joe product genre... and boxed?! (Actually both of the Sears toothbrush kits are, though the electric one more for some reason.) Harder to find than the Firefly sabateur backpack/toolkit...

    Fantastic Find indeed.
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    Licensed Merchandise (non-figure/vehicle) like towels, Coleco ride-on toys (sleds or bicycles) , vintage child clothing, and an original Konami Arcade game.

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    i will have to agree with xavier, i collect non toy items and the sears toothbrush holders are an extremely hard item to come by. i gave up on finding it, i use to offer big bucks for it and no one could come up with one..

    3 years of searching and i moved it to the unatainable list

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    Smile Gi joe toothbrush / toothpaste dispenser

    Well I happen to have a couple of these dispensers in the box! Anyone interested?

    I can be contacted via email
    [email protected]
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