New Snake Eyes/Swamp Rat/ New Crimson Guards/ New Comic Packs and more for trade

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    New Snake Eyes/Swamp Rat/ New Crimson Guards/ New Comic Packs and more for trade

    I have the following figures for trade:

    New Gung Ho x4 complete
    New Viper x4 complete
    New Snake Eyes x2 complete
    New Swamp Rat x2 complete
    New Bombstrike x2 complete
    New Croc Master x2 complete
    Viper/ Televiper python VvV x2
    TRU Crimson Guards x14 complete
    TRU Tomax x5
    TRU Xamot x5
    Desert Strike Humvee MIB
    New Comic Pack Stormshadow complete
    New Comic Pack Snake Eyes complete
    New Comic Pack Ninja Viper complete
    New Comic Pack Scrap Iron complete
    New Comic Pack Serpentor complete
    New Comic Pack Duke complete
    New Comic Pack Destro complete
    New Comic Pack Roadblock complete

    * Im willing to trade good for the following weapons*

    Snake Eyes v2 sword
    Snake Eyes v2 gun
    Eels V1 breather hose x4
    Eels V1 backpack x1
    Eels V1 Backpack attachments x2
    Eels V1 flipper
    Snow Serpent v1 backpacks x3
    Snow Serpent v1 waist pack x9
    Snow serpent v1 Missile launcher x10
    Snow serpent v1 bipod x10
    Snow serpent v1 gun x10
    Snow serpent v1 snow shoes x14

    Im also looking for army builders from 1982 to 1987 and some newer ones such as:

    Cobra Infantry Soldiers (NO OFFICERS)
    2002 Purple Vipers
    2002 Red Alley Vipers
    Neo Vipers (walmart exclusives)

    I also would consider these:

    1982/83 (Swivel arm) all complete with filecards (some repro weapons ok)

    Cobra Commander
    Grand Slam
    Rock N Roll
    Short Fuze

    There are a few more, but thats all I can think of right now.

    Let me know what you got, and what you want.

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