Your favorite GI Joe artist?

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    Your favorite GI Joe artist?

    Is it agreed that Lary Hama is THE GI Joe writer? It seems that way.

    Is there ONE artist that you feel was the best for drawing GI Joe? For me it's kind of a toss up. In the 155 issues (plus whatever else DD did) I'd have to say my favorite Joe artists were,

    Herb Trimpe-great classic Joe illustrations! I keep remembering that splash page from #7 with the Joe and October Guard shooting at eachother jumping over that canyon in their vehicles. Action packed!

    Rod Whigham-GI Joe has LOTS of characters and lots of big vehicles and Whigaham does (did) a great job in working his comic pannels to get them all in without sacrificing detail. He's great.

    M.D. Bright-IMO, he seemed to be the one to start giving a "modern" look to the comic. Great facial expressions, movement, and detail in his characters.


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    Mick zeck...early joe marvel stuff
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    fav artist

    andrew wildman

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    Mike Zeck's covers were absolutley classic! Too bad he never had much of a chance to do interiors. My favorite, regular monthly pencillers are as follows:

    1.Ron Wagner-I think his art was the most realistic that the title ever saw(other than Zeck's covers)

    2.Rod Whigam-truly classic, and had a wonderful run illustrating many of the most memorable GiJoe stories

    3.Mark Bright-also had a long run, with a more "modern" flare, but still fitting.

    4.Herb Trimpe-the original GiJoe artist, who set the tone for things to come. Oddly enough, most of his GiJoe art is featured in GiJoe Special Missions, as opposed to the regular series, since Mike Vosburg mostly took over after the first several issues.

    Almost forgot:
    5. Larry Hama, he actually did the basic "breakdowns" sort of like storyboards for GiJoe #21, and #26, as well as some others I think, but he shows amazing talent as an artist, as well as writer. Too bad he didn't get to do more art for GiJoe.
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    My Marvels are indisposed at the moment so I can't give an actual name but it's the team that put together the covers of: Yearbook #1, Issue 26, the one with Cobra Commander handcuffed by Roadblock and Grunt or Clutch behind an orange background..oh he also did the one with the WHALE being attacked by an ASP. His signature looks like an encircled Arashikage marking.

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    I like Michael Turner's variant covers he did for the DD book. And one artist that i would have liked to see and who would have been the best in my opinion would have been Jim Lee!
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    Buckwheat, that was renowned comic artist Michael Golden who drew those covers.Great artist, and great covers. I didn't mention him in my post becuase he never did the interior art on a regular basis.

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    Wink Hmmm....

    Interior Artwork -

    1) Since Larry Hama did the breakdowns for #21 (and that's my quintissential favorite Joe story) and some of the Zarta stuff from the mid-20's, then Larry H. (I have some of his original DC war-book art and some Fury Force prototype pages, and he's an amazing war artist).
    2) Herb Trimpe on ANYTHING from G.I. Joe Special Missions (not particularly the reg. series - they seemd rushed and not stylized at all). Special Missions, especially the Lifeline (Sarawak Sally) and Clutch (Holocaust) stories, are IMO the best Joe stories ever written and STILL can be read and re-read. Trimpe is perhaps the best "pacer" I've ever seen... SOOOOO dynamic. If you don't have these, you can find the whole run CHEAP!!! If you like reading WAR COMICS, and not watered down 24-minute cartoon advertisements, YOU MUST BUY THESE BOOKS!!!! THEY ARE UNREAL and GRITTY!!!
    3) Rod Whigham. He was consistently the best storyteller on the 1st run. He made characters look "different" (unlike M.D. Bright - ugh), and really seemed to grasp the concepts of movement and drama.


    1) Mike Zeck kicks butt. I'm trying to get him to pencil and ink a piece for me right now... he's a fantastic inker!!! The sheer amount of covers he's done, and the many changes Hasbro FORCED him to make are pretty funny if you get a chance to meet him...
    2) Michael Golden's Yearbook #1 front and back covers are the best pieces of Joe art ever crafted. I've actually photocopied the back cover and blown it up into a poster. He's UNREAL!!! His covers for #23 and #6 from the 1st series are pieces I'd love to own, if I just had $15,000 to spend... I would rank him higher if he did more stuff...

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    That was #23, #27 and #36 that Golden did. And they RULED.

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    i second the andrew wildman vote!
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