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    The flag is hot but... This thing's on FIRE!!!

    If I stumble across millions of dollars, best believe I'd own that monster. I wouldn't put it in my Joe/toy room but I would put it somewhere
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    $250,000???????? who has the much to invest in that thing??? unless a museum or celebrity wants it, that thing is going to stay where it is.
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    I look at the pics and the only thing I can think of is calling all my friends over to stay the night and next night to play gijoe.
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    The model is so fantastic that a museum is the only place it should go. I really do hope that some foundation or benefactor views this masterpiece to be worthy of acquiring.

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    I agree w/Nighthawk. I know it's not to Joe scale, but I don't care. This is so beautiful. I'm looking around now to try to get a copy of the magazine that comes with it.


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    at large...
    My first reaction was WOW!

    I agree, that does belong in a museum, maybe the Smithsonian will get wind of it?
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    A quick SCALE note for carriers

    Scale FLAGG? NEVER!!!!!!

    the early carriers, WWII era, smallest was over 600 ft. these werent even carriers, they were converted ships (battle? not sure)

    WWII CArriers= almsot all of them were the same 881 FEET!!

    modern nuclear carriers= 1061 (might be off by 10-20 ft) almost all the same, maybe some even larger newer ones!!!

    OK= so 1/18 scale, the size of smalljoes is the above divided by 18.

    Which means a "SCale" modern carrier would have to be over SIXTY FEET long.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps- the "island" (the propoer term for superstructure) on the FLAGG is WAAAAAY oversized.
    a quick search on google for aircraft carriers will take oyou to the navy site on them, really cool stuff!
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    250 ,000 DOLLARS!!!!! wow.
    ALSO notice, it is 1/72 scale, way way smaller than joes 1/18
    need 88 TF dusty crotch

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    Quote Originally Posted by NightHawk78
    The model is so fantastic that a museum is the only place it should go. I really do hope that some foundation or benefactor views this masterpiece to be worthy of acquiring.

    For sure...man, my buddy does this sort of thing...he was flabbergasted. Is that how you spell it?

    But for real, that thing is INSANE, nice job to the artist...as it is a piece of art.

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    Impressive... but honestly, who would pay that much?

    Do you know what you could get for that kind of money? It's insane... You could buy a painting by an old master for cripe's sake...


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