HISS tank and SEARS CAT tank for SALE!


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    HISS tank and SEARS CAT tank for SALE!

    both in excellent shape just used for display. the CAT is missing its battery cover. post or email me if your interested ... thanks

    [email protected]

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    Hey Jaylay,

    please get back to me concerning the part I am still missing from our trade about a year ago. I know you were moving and trying to get things squared away, but you never have made good on the missing battle beast part.

    Talk to me and let me know if you have the part I traded for or if not try and make up for it with something else.



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    tom, email me a pic of that missing part. i just stummbled accross my battle beast bag yesterday.

    [email protected]

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    heres the CAT ... the HISS tank is the regular black HISS ...


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