Piranha came with missile launcher


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    Piranha came with missile launcher

    Just discovered that in Europe (not sure which countries, we're still struggling with the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg)
    the Piranha came with the missille launcher that was only avaible in europe. I just bought one carded.
    Here's a picture of a dutch catalog of the Piranha with the launcher.
    Also, on that catalog it says that it wasn't avaible in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Strange enough I bought 2 as a kid and several others did 2.
    Maybe import like the stellar stiletto, maybe wrong catalog. If anyone had a dutch/belgium box, blueprints or any like that please let me know.

    Here's the pic of the catalog.

    Yes, it's me.

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    someone says he's 100% sure he got that missile launcher when he bought it in the Netherlands in a CANADIAN box. If that's true it means that this ain't only a european version after all.
    Yes, it's me.

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    Great, gotta find one of those too now lol. I think you're doing a great job over there finding these Euro variations, you effort is appreciated man, keep up the good work!
    Selling out! LMK what you need!

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    Thanks mate.
    I got to find one of those launchers loose as well now
    Yes, it's me.

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    yeah aseen the piranha for sale a number of times. me and ocstah talked about the missile packs alot. i think it came with a few other vehicles as well i just can't recall off the top of my head. i need to get stuff cataloged when i find it out so i don't forget. i know ocstch had a few loose pack in missile launchers from the vehicles not the carded version.
    -Fast Blast Vipers
    -Python Patrol Heat Vipers
    -Any Iron Grenadier Troops (IG's, TARGATS, Undertows, Iron Anvils etc etc ARAH MOLDS ONLY)

    TONS of Joe figures and vehicles for sale send want lists!

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    hmm he never mentioned to me.
    I'll talk to him.
    On the cardback of my missile launcher moc theres a picture of the launcher that will attach to the Razorback.

    Besides.GET ME THAT PICTURE OF CGI / ROCK VIPER, BILL!! just in case you forgot hehe
    Yes, it's me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffreyKabal
    On the cardback of my missile launcher moc theres a picture of the launcher that will attach to the Razorback.
    Funny you mentioned that, because I just remembered my Razorback (or "Atilla" as it was called) had a missile launcher! I lost it years ago, but I remember hating the thing 'cause the colors didn't match the vehicle in any way (it was purple and black)
    The vehicle driver had multiple filecards in different languages, so I assume it was a european release.

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    still have the european filecards?
    Or anything that leads to a european release?
    Yes, it's me.

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    I don't know exactly. all that stuff is stored due to me moving to a differen't appartement. I'll ckeck for it in a year or so


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