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  1. #21
    I have 819 right now and yes I play with them sometimes. Not all at one time of course.

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  3. #22
    That's the hardest thing for me. The more joes I get, the harder it becomes to decide which ones to take out and play with!
    "that's the way baseball go"

  4. #23
    I play with my 9yr old sometimes, I like to stay true to the characters filecards and climate. He just grabs whichever and goes at it. The other day he was using the Heavywaters versus Stormshadow.

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  6. #24


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  7. #25
    i play with them about the same as i did when i was little-
    then, i would set the mup in dio scenes all over my room.
    now i have army/dio setups that are more permanent, some that rotate staff, so its pretty much the same, planes on the ceiling, vehicles look like they are in battle (sort of)

    i was never one to drive / push things around, or pretend this guy shoots that.

    its more like rally/ army or convoy/ ambush , they jsut sit there
    need 88 TF dusty crotch

  8. #26
    I definately still play with them. Love to do war games, Cobra's plotting and moving forces will the Joes counter punch. Try to develop strategies for CC and such.

    Also, I have the figures talk to each other and everything. I'm still a kid at heart.

    Would love to do dios and such but I don't have a digital camera worth talking about.

    Think I've got near 500 but that might be a serious undercount as my collection is largely piled up and disorganized.

    Richard J.

  9. #27
    No I don't play with them. I do set up little dioramas but I don't really consider that playing with them. It's not like a yell "Bang Bang" and knock over the bad guys.


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