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    Arrow Do you Play with your GiJoe Toys!!!

    Im just sittin here wondering if any of the people here actually play with there GiJoes ... im guessing most people in the forum are Adults or near adults. So do you just collect GiJoes cause you remember playing with them as a kid or do you really play with them??? .... play with them with your Kids , or other peoples kids or whatever ...

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    I lost count, but I estimate 100 to 200.
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    Around 700 I think, not sure exactly. I don't play with them very much. If I get something new that I really like, I'll probably play with it.
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    I have 202. I dont play with them so to speak, but my wife calls it "playing with tho joes" when I set them out. We dont have enough room to have them out, so I set them up in the spare room when I have time.

    I was going to post this elsewhere, but it fits here just as well. I have reached a collection milestone. The 202 that I now own makes up exactly 2/3's of the figures I have on my checklist!

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    in reply to my own post here ... i truly only owned maybe 30 to 40 gijoes and thats when i was a kid ... however i just bought a whole bucket full of them plus a bunch of new ones in Lots , so now id be over 500 ...

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    As of last count I have 493 with about 60 on thier way from trades, sales and 38 vehicles... I play with them every chance I get .
    By playing I mean setting up scenes and Dios, taking pics, then putting them back in formation. I have gotten out of banging them around and being too destructive.
    Unless, of course, if it is Crystal Ball or Raptor. Several of them have helped me sight in my M4 .

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    I just passed the 500 mark a week ago with two more OCS sets. I am at 504.

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    I have at least 1000, but I haven't really kept counting. I know that is nothing compared to some of you guys.

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    I only have 8 of them, but I have just started collecting about 2 weeks ago. I did collect Joes as a kid and had nearly 100, sure wish I would have kept them.

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    I would have to guess at least 600 loose and another 150 still packaged(I haven't been able to decide which ones are going to be part of my personal stash and which ones I'll keep for resale) Plus another fifty in spare parts. Does anyone know where I should get extra O-rings my original Gung-ho has snap at least 5 times in the last 20 years


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