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    12 28.57%
  • It Doesnt matter to me , Oring or Not!

    6 14.29%
  • .... They made GiJoes that didnt have O-rings???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deogg
    Jim, I think you're the ONLY one who actually wants to see Sigma Six the Line Killer
    Does that make me an acc...asses...asec... guilty too? Come on, it's not like it'll last for ever. They're talking about 2 waves, then back to the normal line. And I am a fan of the Street Fighter figures that came out a few years back, and the S6 figures look alot like them. Matter of fact, in a Street Fighter RPG, I have a character that was based, loks-wise, on Storm Shadow... this means I'll be able to have a figure of my own character to go with my SF figures... all two of them.


    PS: I hadn't realized until now... the S6 line are no-ring figures, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by danyanda
    the word was when they made the 2001 new sculpt figs that the non o-ring design was a way to add more detail to the figs and lessen the chances of o-ring failure and crotch breakage.
    These no o-ring figures were entirely new sculpts...how could Hasbro be saving money if they were producing brand new figures?

    If they really wanted to save money, they would have continued to chop shop all of the old o-ring figures they still had the tools/molds for.

    As others have said, Hasbro tried something different and in this case it wasn't successful. No need to run to Hasbro's HQ w/ torches and pitchforks people! You don't hear SW collectors complaining about t-crotches on their figs.

    I prefer o-rings as well, but I gladly welcome no o-ring figures into my collection. I love the first versions of the Neo-Viper and CLAWS.

    Guess this goes to show that you can't please everyone!

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    If No-Ring joes were a mistake and tons of people didnt like them , then why did hasbro keep producing them? my snakeeyes figure has on it 1992 ... and the newer Neo-Vipers i got with norings are 2002 , thats 10 YEARS!! its not like hasbro just tryed something new and id didnt work ...

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    Isn't this topic about three years too late? Right about now I'd kill for ANY new 3 3/4" Joe figures from Hasbro. But why don't we just keep whining about the past, that will help insure Hasbro starting up the line again.. won't it?

    Yes most collectors prefer the O ring version. Yes Hasbro for the most part dumped the experiment and went back to the O ring. I don't think it was a plot to "cash in" on the old characters. Hasbro thought they were updating their way of making the figures. Didn't work. So don't buy them if you don't like them.

    I find it interesting that Non O-ring Joes "ain't Joes." Yet the Sigma Six things are. Last I looked, they don't have O rings either.

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    I was taken aback by the non o-ring joes but I do think they did have at least some merit. The Armybuuilders are still worth having imo.

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    If your an army builder and just have your joes standing there , then i guess oring or not , it doesnt make a difference ... however orings are the best figures to actually play with ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CGC
    I think almost everybody prefers the o-rings, but I'm surprised that (at this point) 50% say burn the no-rings. It was just Hasbro trying a few other features, they flopped, & we got the o-rings back. I don't mind at all that they're trying different things, if it wasn't for that, we'd still have the old `80's Kenner Star Wars articulation.

    I agree that the newer o-rings seem to be getting too tight, seems like ½ my newer figs have osteoporosis!, Stand at attention? ain't gonna happen!.

    Anyway - I hope they do keep trying new things, (when the line returns, that is), you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, just so long as they only keep the ideas that are actually improvements.

    I guess that might be the best way to look at it. Action Attack, non o-ring, and the Sgt Savage waists, just don't go with joes imo. The classic o-ring style is tried and true.
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