#2 ss unmasked check cashed


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    Cool #2 ss unmasked check cashed

    i sent a second check for 3 more unmasked storm shadows, an it was cashed today. my first was for 4. hopefully within the next 3 weeks we will start receiving them. i am going to make 2 of them crimson ninjas, 1 to display an the other 4 to just put away.
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    I Had A Dream

    Last night I had a dream about Joes. I dreampt that the Storm Shadow figures came in the mail today!!! It sounds funny but I often have weird dreams like that.

    Bye the way when are they suppose to be mailed out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by msmalley
    Bye the way when are they suppose to be mailed out?
    The ad says to expect them 6 to 8 weeks after March 1st. And yesterday was 6 weeks exactly, so they should be coming soon.


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