AZ Joe fans look here

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    AZ Joe fans look here

    Hey guys,

    I was thinking that it would be cool to try to find out who we've got in AZ and maybe try to share info or trade. post what you think


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    There's a few Joe fans in AZ. You might try posting over at as I know that a few of us hang out over there. (Another collector and I just went on a Joe run yesterday and both found some nice stuff.)

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    I live in AZ now. I moved from Ohio. I know of a few collector stores, but nearly as many as Ohio. Does anyone know where more stores are for collectors of the older joes? Thanks. Dan

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    What part of AZ are you in?

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    I heard that Greg's Comics in Mesa purchased a collection of Joes. If you're into army building, apparently there were some good ones in there.

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    Wave 7 and new adventure packs all at TRU on Ray and 52nd St. I didn't grab any. There were 2 each of Snake-Eyes, Viper, nd Sand Viper W/ air assault glider as well as Bombstrike.


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