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    Exclamation 3idmp's Trade List HUGE!!!!!!!

    Here is a very long trade list. If you need anything just take a look at my WANT LIST below, and PM me with an offer. I check my PM's usually once a week so please be patient.


    Armadillo x2 - 1 complete, 1 missing roll bar
    SkyHawk - missing missiles, legs
    SkyHawk - body only
    RAM - missing sattle bags, the gun side car looks to have been glued
    Polar Bear - canada version, body only
    Hiss - tracks only

    Hiss II - Box(small tear in right corner, cut out file card and flag points, tear in the back by the file card, the box is worn all around) tank - blue prints, no stickers, no missiles, no seatbelts, no driver

    Bridgelayer - missing tow cable, stress on the tow hook, missing tracks and stablizer arm and guns

    Tiger Cat - 2 tracks and a wheel only
    Stinger Jeep - body only
    Wolverine - body only

    Stun parts - 2 complete wheels, 1 rubber wheel, left gunner's seat with shell, right gunner's seat with top of shell, driver's seat body

    Thunder Machine - top body shell, front wheels with axle, roll cage with doors and light bar, 1 back wheel

    Thunder Machine - box(Torn out flag points, torn flap, top of box seperating at the glue

    Thunder Machine - missing steering wheel, antenna, with Thrasher (no weapon)

    Overlord's Vehicle - body only
    Dragonfly - body only
    Water Moccasin - top body piece, frame for fan
    Swamp Skier -tow box, 2 frames, 2 top body shells, 1 engine
    Fang II - body only

    Flight Pod (Trouble Bubble) - 2 canopies, 2 engines, 2 bodies, 1 seat
    Bomb Disposal - Body only
    Barracuda - missing top yellow piece
    EcoStriker - missing engine
    Ninja Lightning - side gun only
    Buzz Boar - body only
    HydroSled - body only
    Mirage - side car only
    ManOWar - complete
    Pulverizer- body, arms, and platform No gun or spring
    Tomahawk - 4 seats, back fan, front gun
    Mauler - top turret piece
    AGP - black fin, canopy, gold gun, seat, bottom half of engines
    RPV - missing red radar, and cable
    Dominator v1 - body only
    POGO - body only
    Conquest - gray underfins, right black fin
    MAGGOT - all three body pieces only
    SNAKE - back, 2 arms, 1 leg, 1 gun, 1 missile
    Cobra Wolf - body only no stickers
    Fang III - missing missile
    Cobra Jet Pack - body only
    Sea Ray - Complete with driver, no stickers
    Sea Ray - missing 3 missiles, hang glider missing stickers,

    TBP - missing missile launcher and 1 missile, missing glass shield and cover for the gun platform, missing weapons rack and all weapons, missing crane and side ladder, missing small red leg covers

    TBP - body shell, heli pad, heli pad support legs, half of crane
    Assault Quad - missing the back launcher

    Coastal Defender - body only


    Raptor - complete, bird has broken feet
    Wet Suit v3- broken right thumb, complete
    Crystal Ball - figure only
    Eco Flint - figure only
    GungHo v3- figure only
    Sgt Slaughter v4- figure only broken hat
    Serpentor v1 - figure only broken top teeth
    BAT v2 - figure only no sticker in the chest piece
    TARGAT - figure, visor, and backpack
    Cpt Grid Iron - broken crotch, with backpack, pistol, helmet and visor
    Dr. Mindbender v3- figure only
    General Tomahawk v2- figure only
    Big Ben v4- figure only
    Duke v10 - figure, backpack and phone
    Dusty v4 - figure and gun
    Dusty v8- green version, with backpack
    Destro v7 - blue version, with backpack and gun
    Heavy Duty v4 - with backpack and pistol
    Wet Suit v8 -complete
    General Hawk v3 - mail order sound version - missing gun


    X-Men TCG starter box opened
    X-Men Savage Land Woverine MOC
    Spawn all blue Angela MOC
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    Updated as of May 19th. Just need to add this 1 SS Unmasked MIB still up for grabs.

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