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    G. I. Joe Script THE GAME

    Here is how it works. We are going to create a GIJoe cartoon script, based on the 80's cartoon series.

    The rules:

    1. You can only make one sequential post. (In other words, you can't make two posts in a row, you have to let someone else make a post before you can post again.)

    2. You are only allowed to make one statement. You can change the setting and make a new one, or you can have a character say something. But, only 1 character or "narrator" part.

    3. NO really long speaches. Let's keep it to 4 sentences or less.

    4. Anything goes, as long as it follows YoJoe rules. But lets have fun with this, don't try and make people mad or ruin the game.

    I will keep an eye on this post, and will treat it like the good traders list. I will delete it every once in a while and repost it with the whole story in the first post and we can start again.

    I will start: It is after the Joe Cartoon Movie.

    Early morning. The sun is just starting to rise, and the Joes are just getting back from thier battle at the Cobra La Ice Dome. They are tired and looking forward to some rest and relaxation.

    Alright, Joes; lets get all the gear packed away and everyone get some rest. That's an order. We will start clean-up and maintenance tomorrow morning after PT. Today is for you to physically and mentally recover. Flint and Sgt. Slaughter, I want a list of all the Joes missing, injured, and deceased on my desk in 2 hours. Clutch and Cover Girl, give me a quick list of how much equipment we have deadlined. It's time to start some paperwork. Falcon, go see your brother and let me know how he is doing.

    Alright next person take it from here.

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    Red face Okay, I'll give it a shot. . .

    (Scene change. Hawk's office, a half-hour later.)

    Hawk: Beach-Head, I sent Lt. Falcon to the Infirmary to check on Duke and he hasn't reported back. . .

    Beach-Head (thumbs Hawk's attention out the window to an outdoor basketball court, Falcon is goofing off playing "Horse" w/Big Lob): Grrr! Once a Raw-hayde. . .

    Hawk: Always a Rawhide (smiles). I think it's time he went on a real mission for a change. And I've got just the one, too.


    Edit: This post in no way reflects a personal endorsement regarding the Sunbow toon.


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