Moc Mortal?? NAH FAKE - dont bid!!

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    Exclamation Moc Mortal?? NAH FAKE - dont bid!!

    Hi guys, I have a saying "If its TOO GOOD LOOKING for 20 years old, its a fake!!".

    And this certainly is. Please alert all the bidders.

    1- missing accesories
    2- missing yellow insert inside bubble (all 2nd series came with it)
    3- black right hand? lol funny variation (invasor repaint?)
    4- the symbol is too round and 'perfect'
    5- chrome is opaque, cheap looking chrome paint
    6- bubble showing "new" glue around it
    7- very few pics, wanna hide something? if I had this figure I would have hired a professional potographer and would have posted 20 pics of it. You cant sell a moc mortal with just 1 front pic, gimme a break !!

    this is a FAKE, I would bet my left hand on it.
    please alert all the collectors!!

    ITEMS: - I get the RAREST Argentine GiJoes! -

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