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    Stripped screws

    Has anyone come up with a good way to get stripped scrw out of their figures? I got a big lot of parts, and can really use the torso of one of them, but the screw is rusty and stripped.
    can anyone help?

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    Dremmel tool and lots of patience. Sometimes a slightly bigger screwdriver, someone mentioned super glueing the screwdriver to the screw itself a while back (haven't tried it yet). Different things work better for different people. I just use the dremmel on them enough to let my screwdriver get a good bite.

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    A steady hand, a small drill bit, & an EZ-out. Carefully drill into the phillips cut of the screw, past the head & into the screw itself. Press an ez-out (you can get them at a Fastenall or a Tool-Crib, if there isn't one near you, try Grainger) as far in as you can by hand, then twist it out. The ez-out is tapered counter-clockwise, so it will only continue to tighten into the shaft you've drilled until it finally bites, then it will turn the screw out.
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    Ive had some crusty screws in my day The way I get them out is to have an electronics small screwdriver kit, so that you can select the best phillips for your crust. To get the torque you need I turn the screwdriver with a pair of pliers while pressing the figure down on a nice soft firm surface. Dont let the screwdriver slip or else the screw will be screwed and you'll have to go with the other techniques. You should hear a satisfying snap as the screw loosens. I was also thinking of using a drop of WD40, but never had to go that route.
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    bugger. I don't have a dremmel or small Drill. I thought about the super glue one, but I wasn't sure how that would work. How much effort would you expend to recover a Straight Arm Scarlett torso and Right Arm? The left arm is thumb broken and I have better heads.But if it works maybe I can fix up that Cross Country! lol

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    depends on how much you like the figure and how bored you are I guess.. I fought a screw in ol SGT Slaughter for a week once just cuz I like the fig so much.

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    well honestly after doing prolly a hundred or more 'operations' ive only really lost a few legs. backs are easy cause you can even use a regular drill with a small drill bit to drill down the screw head to pop it off, then remove the back piece and you will be left with a small piece of the screw still sticking up. use a pair of pliers and turn the screw out, just like you would with a screwdriver

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    OMG i had a screw like that in a marujo not too long ago and I fought it all dang day. I tried the glue route to no avail. Then i did the drill route and it took me awhile but i got it. you have to be very very carefull w/ it cuz you can really ruin a figure that way.
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    Lightbulb i had a similar problem

    I looked to see if there was anything left to the srew that would bite, I used a wood drill bit, that was acted like a srewdriver. (it wasnt attached to a drill ) I think it was a 7/8 wood drill bit. It worked for the back screws with no problem. If there isnt anything but a complete circle in the back screw it wont work.
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