Joe displays and pets - do they mix?

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    Joe displays and pets - do they mix?

    To those of you who have cats, dogs, ferrets - anything except fish:

    How do your Joe displays hold up against the naturally inquisitive nature of animals?

    I'm two weeks out from moving into a large house and having my own toy room.
    I'm a little worried that I'll come home to find some of the little pieces moved or missing.

    I know the dog won't reach (stubby little Corgi legs attached to a Rotty head) but the cats are a different story.

    Do you guys keep the doors to the rooms with your toy displays closed? Or do you just live with the knowledge that you're going to keep setting up the figures that get knocked down?

    Just curious!

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    My pets are surprisingly uninterested in my Joe stuff and I rarely have to restand my guys. They are both pretty big dogs...the male is 110lbs and the female is around 75 so they arent exactly agile! Now...if I can only get my kids to mind as well as my dogs do I'll be alright! I imagine a cat would probably be more of a problem than my dogs would be simply because they are able to get places my dogs wouldnt think of going (shelves, table tops etc). My wife was wanting a ferret but I had to put my foot down. I'm not going to go looking all over the house for figures it might decide to 'steal'!!

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    I do two things:

    1) I bought a female Golden Retreiver, since they are super easy to train, and it was fairly easy to train her where she knows to only chew on or play with her own toys.
    2) Belt and suspenders approach -> I always keep the door closed to the Joe Room, unless I am in there...

    Btw, my Golden's name is Lady Jaye, so I am pretty sure that if she chewed something up, it would either be a Cobra or a Flint figure....

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    I gave up trying to display anymore. My cats love playing soccer with my Joes. Plus I really hated it when they knocked over my 300+ various cobra army builders after it took me hours to set up.
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    Just close your door it is so easy to do.
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    Well I have a room in my house with nothing but my G.I.JOEs and my computer. I keep the door closed anytime i'm not in there. When I do go into the room my dogs(2 Siberian Huskies) often follow me in there and just sniff all the boxes. I'll never leave them alone in there anymore since I lost a MOC Tele-Viper about 2 years ago. My dog had ripped the package up and chewed on the figure leaving some nice teeth marks. So if somebody wants a battle wounded Tele-Viper for free let me know. Its still laying around here somewhere.

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    my cats investigate anything on the floor, but i have my joes all cased up , so the cats dont mess with them.

    heheh , this maeks me think of my parents house- if mine was like that, we'd have troubles=

    our cat used to climb on the shelves and knock all my dads rock collection OFF the shelf whenever he was hungry!
    that would be bad for a joe collection

    oh- but mine do occasionally find wepons on the floor, and i then have to search them out to get them back, they start playing like crazy
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    Smile The verified honest truth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Crimson
    Just close your door it is so easy to do.
    True enough, but the room may or may not actually HAVE a door.

    I agree, that'd probably be the best option.


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