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    Priceless Joes!

    Just wanted to ask if anyone has any priceless joes in there collection.
    figures that have a story behind them , and mean a lot to YOU.
    Share your Story!

    I love joes and have tons of gijoe figs, but only a few in my collection i have as priceless.
    I did have a Few GiJoes when i was a kid but the majority that i played with were at the DayCare i Went to when i was 8 or so ... Everytime it was play time, all the kids ... or should i say BOYS would go running for the joes and the SNAKE EYES Figure was everyones #1 Joe to get... since it was usually so hard to get snakey ,,, i usually tryed to get my #2 fav. Big Boa first and usually got him. BigBoa since has turned to my #1 as ive played with it the most ... however it. On the last day of being in daycare , i was preety happy to get out of there , sad to not be playin with the friends i had there and very sad to leave my fav. joes behind ... but to my surprise the people at the dayecare sayed on the last day that we could take home some of the joes ... i believe it was ONE each , so i went and hide all the joes i Wanted sometime during that day so that at the end of the day when all of the kids could go over and take the joes they wanted id , have all mine all safe and sound! It worked Perfectly and i got all the Joes i wanted ... I know have the joes sitting on my PC , they include everyones #1 pick SnakeEyes , My #1 BigBoa , Shipwreck , LAW and a few others!
    Another priceless joe of mine is Zanzibar , which when i saw a kid in the playground that had one, i just HAD to have it ... i dont know why! maybe because of the hair! but i traded a bunch of Joes i had just for that one!
    I also got Darklon and tomax and Xamot in the priceless collection , however im missing a foot on one of the brothers and missing one whole guy!


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    My very first Joe was Doc. I got him for Christmas just before my fourth birthday. Unfortunately, this Doc did not survive for very long. I later found one of his legs. Still not sure how that happened, but he's gone. When I was around 7 Doc was available as a mail in. My brother's and I all ordered, but instead of buying Doc I was retarded and bought Major Bludd (not that I have anything against Major Bludd, I just should have gotten Doc). Later I was crushed and I can remember my mom sending a letter and money to Hasbro without the order form so I could get Doc. I still have this second Doc in my collection, and to me he is priceless. I will never get rid of him.

    I also have some other Joes that are too valuable for me to get rid of because I still have them from my childhood, but Doc is definitely my most valuable (and come to think of it, my mom is pretty cool as well).
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    Talking My priceless joe

    I think that the priceless joe would be the general all ways wanted one now I have one. I would also have to say my orginal lowlight, scoop, doc,the lowlight version 3,sgt.slaughter with t tank, and Mutt version one. But the one I would say is priceless is the two 1960 or early 70's figures I got from a friend they arre the priceless ones for me.
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    I would have to agree with danyanda about the cool mom statement regarding priceless Joes. I dont really have one priceless, however, one Christmas my mom bought all the single carded figures and vehicles for the 1983 year. It was great to see all of those figs under the tree at once, and all from that year. Some of those figs now are in "9 year old kid played with condition", but I still those same ones and have never altered or painted them at all even though they could probably use it. (other than new o-rings and screws.) Definitely a good year and also a cool mom.

    Kudos to mom and to my priceless figs.

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    i would say the most priceless figures i have is the 12" talking duke that came out last year..and here is why..

    my 5 year old son went and bought it for me for xmas last year because he knew i collected joes..i haven't collected 12" stuff for many years but he just wanted to get me a joe for to me it is my most prized piece..
    it sits on my desk..


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    Storm Shadow v.1. Bought him with paper route money when I was 14, still have him today. Managed to keep all his accessories (except the long sword, which Kid Canada hooked me up with last year!) through 6 moves. Won't sell him regardless of how bad my debt gets. And he's actually still pretty much white, with just the barest hint of off-white. No yellow!

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    It would have to be my 1992 DEF Shockwave that is in c9.5 condition. He was my first figure back in 1991 but after losing him I wanted so badly to get him back. After getting many of them on ebay and on yojoe, I got myself an army. So many of my DEF Shockwaves had tight joints but I had to find one that was practically flawless. After swapping some of the parts to make his joints tighter, I've now found the perfect figure.
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    I guess I'll pick one Joe and one Cobra. Flint v1 was where it was at for me; while not my first Joe, I remember my mom getting him for me at an old department store and urging me to get Lady Jaye as well. I remember taking them home and playing with them in the living room, having him stalk around with that cool shotgun of his. I feel like this was where I made the transition to packing up my Star Wars figures and watching the Sunbow cartoon religiously and drooling over the vehicles and figures in the small '85 catalog that must've come with a vehicle I got then.

    Hooded Cobra Commander v1, meanwhile, was hotly-anticipated, to say the least. We waited for him in the mail for what seemed like forever. I snapped his O-ring pretty early on, sadly, so he had to make do with a makeshift one made from a knotted rubber band. I still have him, and even though he's missing most of his gold paint, think of him as the quintessential mysterious, awesome "this guy rules" figure. Well, I guess he's tied with Destro in that department... but CC gets the edge for all the anticipation for his arrival. I had a similar feeling about the Kenner Palpatine figure, until, like I said, Star Wars had to take a backseat to Joe around '85-'86.

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    i would pu tmy rattler and skystriker in this category- i ve had them forever, have thought about parting with them repeatedly, but really they are pretty bnear priceless to me.
    i waited so patiently for each of those, and it was great since my dad worked on both the planes they were modeled after, it wasnt hard to get him to put them under the tree each year.
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    I've told the story before, but my most priceless piece is my Bio-Viper. It was given to me by my childhood best friend for my birthday one year. A few years ago, he died of diabetes. I'd seriously sell my Night Ray before I'd sell my Bio-Viper.

    A few others...

    -Psych Out v1: My very first joe. Still has his head antenna.

    -Serpentor: My ULTIMATE holy grail as a kid. I remember the day I found out that Hasbro was offering him as a mail away (...I had *just* missed his original release and he had been absolutely impossible to find). First time I was ever more excited by the inserts than the actual vehicle I'd bought. His arm broke a few years ago, but I glued it back in place.

    -Python Patrol Stun: another childhood relic. I had wanted a STUN (v1) REALLY bad for my birthday. At first I was disappointed when my mom bought me the PP version, but it swiftly grew on me. It's a bit beat up now (still has one flag intact, though...anyone who can help me with the other flag, the engine covers, and the tail gun, PM me...) but still displayed proudly with my python army.

    -Night Ray: Not a childhood piece, but still something I'll probably never sell. I started with only the main shell and the chairs, but over the course of about a year managed to get all but ONE part of this beast (...and strangely, that one part is NOT the search light lens). No one thought I could do it. I still can't believe how hard that damn missile box was to find.
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