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    Snapped O'ring

    Hey guys,

    Last week I got home one night and went to my "toy area" to take a breath after some 1:30 hours on traffic as I usually do. Then I noticed something weird... My De Aço was lying on a sofa after falling from a shelf (with his stand). I thought "who the heck has been messing around with my toys??" but then I saw the reason why it hapenned. He was standing next to a Cobra Infantry Soldier (a new fig for all measures) whose o'ring just happened to snap causing the fig to shed its parts (legs/waist/chest with arms and head) apparently knocking poor old De Aço down.

    The question: has this (new fig with snapped ring) happen to anybody else? I found it weird as I have 20 year old figs with their original rings...

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    I've never had a new figure's o-ring snap. The only o-ring I have had snap is a darklon figure that I purposely stretched to see how brittle the old o-rings were.

    I do know that the new figures have o-rings that are a bit too small. Thats why many of the new figs are hunched over. Maybe the stress of being too tight/small caused it to snap? Thats all I can think of.

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    I've had 2 rings snap and also one t-hook break from the stress. #9 O-rings at any hardware store are the best to use, they are a bit bigger and don't put as much stress on the figures. The hardest part is taking the figs apart and getting them back together without stripping the back screws these days. The plastic is so soft and whatnot that the screws barely can get a bite on the threads.

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    Upon rearranging my collection of 400 figures on the custom shelves for like the 12th time (it seems I NEVER have enough room) one had a broken more...dang another.....WTH.....3 more???? In the end...I had to replace over 30 of them....dry rot was apparently rampant among the force as oppsed to jungle foot I would have taken the one broken o-ring from the new figure as opposed to the 30 from the old....
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    My 98 Troopers all broke within a year of original retail purchase. I haven't had any of the 2000+ figures with o-rings that poor, but I would think it was possible and also be affected by environmental conditions. Considering the fact that on top of normal shipping your figs had to have been shipped after purchase who knows what sort of heat and humidity changes they have been exposed to.
    I also had a T-hook break on my Payload. The figure was stored in one of those little singe figure cases, too, and the thing broke right in half.
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    I had an o-ring break on a new Cobra Infantry not that long ago. The o-rings on the 97-98 stuff break all the time on me.


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