Looking for a few loose figures with no accessories.


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    Looking for a few loose figures with no accessories.

    I'm looking to pick up a few loose figures with no accessories, idealy all from the same person if possible but if not thats fine. I'm not looking to spend a lot on these but maybe someone will have an extra or two lying around. I also have some stuff I could trade if that interests you more. Anyways heres what I'm looking for loose in decent shape, screws can be rusted and broken o-rings don't matter, just not too much play wear:

    88 Hardball
    88 Nulifiier
    90 SAW Viper (I do need the strand of bullets for him though if you have them)
    91 Sky Creeper
    91 Eco Warrior Sludge Viper

    reply here or pm me if you can help, thanks!

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    I've got a few Hardball figures, in varying shape. I might have one that is near-mint (I can double check this when I get home from work). I'd rather trade than sell.



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