Another great way to sell merchandise

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    Another great way to sell merchandise

    definetley has me convinced to try to buy this gear

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    Whoa. That is pretty alluring.

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    funny they are selling MILES EQUIPMENT aslo and it has to be stolen or FOI (found on installation).. plus its doesn't look like the m16 xmiter.. more like a SAF xmiter.... 45 bucks what a deal...

    well it actually has the A1 fitting.. so hope this guy has stocks for his AR...
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    So much to do, so many things to distract me.
    Check out what I've been doing at JoeDios here

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    yeah obviuosly some of those items have been "liberated" form the army. he says he got the posters during the invasion of iraq.

    seeing how we already paid for all that stuff- i dont like it. stealing our taxes and thne putting it into his pocket. the posters, fine, he scored them in war, but the US equipt-
    i dont like it
    need 88 TF dusty crotch


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