Aircraft Carrier Parts: Help Me Complete My FLAGG

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    Aircraft Carrier Parts: Help Me Complete My FLAGG

    I just got my Aircraft Carrier in the mail yesterday. After cleaning it up and putting it together, I am ready to begin the long, laborious process of finding the missing parts. Here's what I am looking for:

    Deck clips: all of them (16, I think)
    Radar Antenna x1
    Fantail Deck Railing
    Top Deck Railing
    Second Deck Railing End
    Deck Ladder
    Missile Box
    Missiles x5
    Net Radar
    Mast and All Parts
    Crane Engine Access Cover
    Admiral's Launch Boat
    Blast Deflector Assembly
    Tow Vehicle and Fuel Car
    Stairs (in Radio/Comm room)
    Main Console
    Combat Computer and Crewman's Chair
    Handrail Stairs
    Bomb and Missile Rack (interior, lower level)
    Purge Valve
    Deck Ladder

    Please let me know if you have any of these parts for sale or trade. I have a ton of parts and accessories for trade at all times. Thanks!

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