My Definitive Want List

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    My Definitive Want List

    Hey all! This is my definitive want list for G.I. Joe figures. If you can help me out with any of these, please post a reply or send a PM. I can pay by PayPal or money order. I understand the values of collections, but hopefully the cheaper the better.

    Action Man
    Agent Jinx (Tiger Force)
    Air Devil
    Alley Viper v.2, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 9
    Baroness v.1 & 5
    Barricade v.3
    BAT v.4
    Black Dragon Ninja (Ninja Strike Force)
    Blast Off
    Breaker (Swivel Arm)
    Budo (either version)
    Clutch (Swivel Arm)
    Cobra Commander (Swivel Arm)
    Cobra Fast Blast Viper (Both Versions)
    Crimson Guard v. 4, 5, & 6
    Crimson Guard Commander
    Crimson Guard Immortal v.1
    Destro v.3
    Dial Tone v.5
    Duke v.8
    Falcon v.1
    Frag Viper
    General Flagg v.3
    General Tomahawk v.1
    G.I. Joe
    Grunt (Swivel Arm)
    Hawk (Swivel Arm)
    Infantry Division (All Versions)
    Mega Viper
    Metal Head v.2
    Mutt v.5
    Night Viper
    Range Viper
    Rip Cord
    Roadblock v.13
    Rock N Roll (Swivel Arm)
    Short-Fuse (Swivel Arm)
    Sidetrack v.1
    Sure Fire v.2
    Tunnel Rat v.1
    Wild Bill v.4
    Wild Boar
    Zap (Swivel Arm)

    I am also interested in as many heads as I can find, preferrablly without hats, helmets, or from figures listed above. Also I would like accessory vests, belts, pouches, bandoliers, etc. And finally any military shade of green legs and arms.
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    items from your list

    Hello...I have from your list

    >Baroness v1 complete (near mint, only a VERY tiny rub on cobra emblem) $12
    >Budo v1 (great joints/perfect paint w/helmet/ pack and File card) $7
    >Tunnel Ratv1 (complete but has Big ben's green bandoleer.Excellent shape) $10
    >Mutt&Junkyard v1 (complete and in excellent shape) $11

    I have Major Bludd v2 for $5 mint w/weapon but not V4.

    LMK if you are interested-If you buy all four of the figures listed 1st, and pay with paypal Ill throw in Maj bludd V2 and Ship it all for free!

    [email protected]
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    stuff you need

    I have the following

    Cobra Commander (Swivel Arm) - which one?
    Crimson Guard Commander - got the first versions, only missing one gun
    Hawk (Swivel Arm)
    Rip Cord

    email if interested, [email protected]


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    Updated list after receiving a few EBay items.

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    i have lots of your items send me your trade lists to [email protected] and ill send you my lists

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    Here is links to my for trade/sale lists.

    G.I. Joe items for sale/trade

    Kubricks and other items for sale/trade


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