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    I think he means that on the original what was red is now blue
    Parts needed --- buy or trade!!
    Night Striker -- vertical veins & horizontal veins
    Dreadnok stinger -- Drivers door
    CAT -- gun tip, battery cover

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    I want pics of any hot ladies present at the con.

    Oh and of the toys too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoulcatcherX
    I want pics of any hot ladies present at the con.

    Oh and of the toys too.
    I second that!
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    So how was the MOA tour? Any joe news? I know that the KB Toys that was there closed up 4-5 months ago, but any other finds? I think that this was the first con event...
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    richard was actually reading from the con brochure...i read thru it too and here are a few more details:

    steel brigade command 3 pack consisting of gung-ho, dragonsky, and steel brigade commander - $60 limited to 800

    steel brigade trooper 2 pack - $35 limited to 1000

    steel brigade skyhawk 3 pack (?? 3 skyhawks ??) - $35 limited to 500

    iron mech (??) - $28 limited to 750

    cobra hydrofoil - $75 limted to 750...from the desc. it sounds like we are getting the tiger hydrofoil w/an extra deck that is blue in color....maybe a use for exctra hydros from last year.

    grand total for extras: $233. i was under the impression that bringing the $$ needed to pick up the xtras last year would leave you w/some change....guess that didn't quite pan out.

    i also threw up some crappy pics of richards stuff here:

    now, go spread the word!

    more info as it becomes available.

    also any yojoers staying at the ramada want to get together at around 4:30PM or so in the lobby for the walk to the marriott to register? and how about a meet and greet in the hotel bar/lobby late friday after everyone is registered and settled in?
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    yeah, i would bet the hydro was made at the same time as the other one to bring down the price.... because the blue really doesnt fit in with the whole IG theme ...unless it is a joe vehicle.

    i was hoping for a condor....but the skyhawks are going to be nice

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    I am disappointed with the list of exclusives...why oh why do we need another Hydrofoil? How does it fit the theme? I was really really hoping for an all black Condor.wouldnt that have made more sense with the Iron Anvils?...disappointed with the price too..wasnt last years only 60?? The AGP was not a surprise either..I do like the transluscent wings however. 3 Sky Hawks...been a while since we've seen that...actually should be good depending on the paint scheme. The Iron Mech is probably a repainted Defense Mech...Does anyone know how to get a parachute drop figure? (besides attending?) and will the figures be carded or poly bagged?
    WANTED: Two (2) clear visors

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    being that it will be the 2nd of 3 hydrofoils released in a 2 year peroid, i would expect to see people getting burnt out on them...

    the tiger forceversion
    the blue version
    the other one to be released with weird camo on top of it at tru.

    i would think this will make sales slow....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lody666
    Does anyone know how to get a parachute drop figure? (besides attending?) and will the figures be carded or poly bagged?
    MC may sell them on their site if there are extras.....other than that, its attend and get one w/your set or have a kid catch one for you at the drop.

    all of mc figures are going to be bagged. i don' think they've ever sold a carded con figure.

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    I don't understand how three Skyhawks can cost $35 but three figures costs $60.
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