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    I know pics will come soon, but are the officers from the night pack all the same "trim" color? You know, we have been seeing gold & red on I was just curious.....

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    New Hasbro Items

    Heres the new online store stuff

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    What a morning! Man, that Devil's Due 3-Pack is so sweet. I'm so glad this one won the contest. Check out the Covergirl. Well done, Hasbro!

    And my dreams of the Night Watch Pack are true. They are not all Officers, but seem to be two different Officers and 4 soldiers. Man, this set will sell well:

    The new Footloose looks pretty good and Salvo's weapon is pretty sweet. The new Snow Serpent doesn't look quite as good as the wave 6. Major Bludd isn't bad with the removeable helmet. The Shadow Guard looks very intriguing. I won't comment on the Heavy Assault Squad.

    And that's just the tip of the iceberg! Check out all those sweet pics. There is too much cool stuff for me to comment on. I will save some for the rest of you guys!

    Whoever is responsible for that photo-album. Thanks so much. What a morning!
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    I love how they are using Star Wars stands in those pics for the figures!
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    Woot! I am soooo geeked. This new stuff looks awesome.

    I have to wait until Jan 2006 for that awesome Covergirl 3-pack. That's the best chick fig I have seen.

    *edit: Yes I know I buggered up... *

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    That stuff is insane! Wow!
    My eBay store with an over 12,000 feedback rating
    WANTED carded 1982-88 Joes for my collection

    You can’t stop the signal

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    The Hiss is a VERY interesting mix of old and new don't you think?

    So much for the GI Joe Hiatus eh?
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    I can't believe they aren't selling this stuff in stores. Just when things get good. I don't mind though. At least we should be able to get all we want online.

    I know I want at least two of those HISS's. I even think I will get the R.O.C.C. (the Command Center -- is that a Stealth Jet launching from it?). And I may have to get that Rhino pack with the Helicopter too. Time to save my pennies.

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    The Night Watch Pack, the old school Comic 3 Packs, Heavy Assault Squad, New Crimson Guard Pack, and the Mobile Command vehicle must be mine. Can anyone tell me who is in the Heavy Assault Squad? And who is the driver of that Mobile Command. Nice selection. Camo Hydrofoil is awesome looking too, but no aquatic forces for me. It is just too bad that these new vehicles come with new sculpt figures instead of the old school style.

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    New sculpts are ruined by those horrible new elbow joints
    I'll still get the DD 3-pack though

    Looks like I'll be saving money on the 6-packs as well

    The ARAH styles comic packs are good. At least we'll get the real #9!
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